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What is Breast Cancer?

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Breast Cancer indicates a collection of cancerous cells (tumors) that mutate, multiply and attack the body.  Left untreated, these cancerous tumors will spread throughout the body.  Breast cancer, specifically, happens when the cancer cells attack breast tissue. 

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Q. I’ve been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. Is this a type of breast cancer like IDC or inflammatory breast cancer, or…?A. No, it’s not a type of breast cancer like those you mentioned. You can have IDC and a triple negative diagnosis; or invasive lobular cancer, and be triple negative, too. So, while IDC and ILC…

What is Breast Cancer?
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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, commented on Men Get Breast Cancer, Too Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery - I'm sorry you're both having to go through this…




PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered My mom has been told that she has… Mary, at age 84, if she does have metastatic cancer, it would be a serious…


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered SATALITE TUMORS Marlene, satellite tumors are usually smaller tumors close to the primary tumor. So, I assume telling…


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered why dont many cancers develop in the… Marie, the only study I could find on this subject is nearly 30 years old,…


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