Monday, August 03, 2015
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Breast cancer treatment usually demands several lifestyle modifications depending on the course of treatment.  Patients undergoing treatment should build up a support system of friend, family and medical professionals to help them through treatment.

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Cancer Recurrence

Breast cancer recurrence happens when someone who has previously been diagnosed with and cured of cancer develops cancer…

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Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is a powerful drug-based treatment that attempts to erradicate the body of cancer cells.  The potency of the drugs cause often severe side effects in…

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Cognitive Loss / Chemo Brain

Some chemotherapy patients report a mild to severe loss in cognitive function informally known as "Chemo Brain". Chemo Brain manifests itself much like dementia or…

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  Chemotherapy can cause severe nausea in patients, but it is important to sustain good nutrition during treatment.  Many patients report nausea and difficulty…

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Emotional Impact

  Breast Cancer takes a significant physical and emotional toll on patients.  The physical impact is farily obvious, but many women will experience severe anxiety,…

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Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs as a result of chemotherapy and other drugs to suppress breast cancer. The depletion of estrogen is often the primary cause of experienced hair loss. When…

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Mobility Issues and Fatigue

Fatigue is the most common side effect of breast cancer treatment and includes: incessant sleeping, inability to feel rested upon waking up, lack of interest in social and…

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Sex and Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is greatly affected from breast cancer: physical changes due to mastectomy and surgical procedures, premenopause and hormones, side effects such as decreased…

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Talking with Family

It is important to discuss Breast Cancer with family as they are often the best resource for emotional and physical support…

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Talking with Friends

Being able to talk to someone about your breast cancer journey is an important part of of your emotional health. It can be hard to talk to friends and family who don't quite…

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Keeping your career a priority during breast cancer treatment is up to you. However, discussing your plan with your doctor and human resources department at work can help you…

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In December 1997, I visited with my aunt, a seven-year breast cancer survivor.  In March of 1998, she died from breast cancer that had spread throughout her body.  I traveled to her funeral, delaying my own appointment with a breast surgeon who…