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Chemotherapy Side Effects

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Chemotherapy is a powerful drug-based treatment that attempts to erradicate the body of cancer cells.  The potency of the drugs cause often severe side effects in patients including hair loss, mouth sores and nausea, to name a few.  Patients undergoing chemotherapy are given anti-nausea medications to ease their symptoms.

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  Hi everyone!  So I'm sure a lot of you are dealing with your hair falling out from chemo. And if you're like me, and cancer treatment pushed you into early menopause (I'm in my late 20s), then you absolutely understand the agony of hot flashes and being hot all the time.  This time that I have been away, I have been trying to…

Chemotherapy Side Effects
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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, commented on After the Hair Loss, Early Menopause:… So glad we could help your spirits, Nikki. Best of luck as you keep up…




PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered Why am I so cold? Is it the Arimidex? … I agree with Phyllis, Plugger - best to see your doctor. S/he won't…


8 answers


PJ Hamel, Health Guide, answered Is it true that hair can start growing… Sounds like you have a very good attitude; losing your hair is definitely…


9 answers


Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered Chronic Insomnia after Chemotherapy… One trick I have recently tried is choosing an item, say cities or flowers,…


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