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Cognitive Loss / Chemo Brain

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Some chemotherapy patients report a mild to severe loss in cognitive function informally known as "Chemo Brain". Chemo Brain manifests itself much like dementia or Alzheimer's; patients struggle to remember basic information such as addresses, names and dates. Most patients will eventually recover their conginitive loss.

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Call me skeptical, but hopeful. I am one of the many cancer patients who has noticed a slight loss of brain function and memory after chemotherapy. Thus, I am very interested in the results of a new study about chemo brain.   A very small (only 68 women), short-term (only eight weeks)  study of a drug called modafinil provided some…

Cognitive Loss / Chemo Brain
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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide, answered Help with "Chemo Brain" or… DJ, chemobrain is very real.  From what I have read about it, however, it…


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide, commented on Chemo Brain May Not be From Chemotherapy Flutters - half a baby aspirin!? You've got to be kidding. I'd find a new…




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