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Sex and Intimacy

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Sexual intimacy is greatly affected from breast cancer: physical changes due to mastectomy and surgical procedures, premenopause and hormones, side effects such as decreased drive or overall energy. It is tantamount to remain confident or regain confidence when addressing your sexual needs before discussing them with your partner who may or may not be an understanding person. Your partner also may or may not have preferrences about your physical and psychological adjustments so you need not assume the worst if it is not expressed upon explanation.

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Advisory: This week's post deals with sensitive sexual issues in a way that some readers may find graphic.     This is your woo-woo:       This is your woo-woo on drugs:     D@MN YOU TAMOXIFIEND! The Tamoxifiend...     The bitter little pill...   And he... ...out the woo woo. Now, when I was put on…

Sex and Intimacy
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