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Most cases of breast cancer are treated with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a combination of the three.  The course of treatment depends almost entirely on the type and stage of the cancer upon diagnosis and will change as treatment progresses.  There are alternative treatments such as acupuncture and supplements that can be used in tandem with more traditional treatments if the patient desires.

Treatment Topics

Alternative Treatments

Complementary and Alternative treatment are different approaches to Breast Cancer treatment. Complementary medicine works in…

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Breast Reconstruction

After mastectomies (breast removal), women can opt for breast reconstruction surgery. There are two main types of breast reconstruction: implant and body tissue. Implants…

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Chemotherapy kills cancer cells in the body. Patients usually undergo chemotherapy in conjunction with surgery and radiation therapy. Chemo drugs are administered by IV,…

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Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy blocks estrogen that fosters cancer cell growth. Some 70% of female patients have a form of cancer that spreads with estrogen and progesterone. Tamoxfin,…

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Pain Management

Each Breast Cancer patient will experience a certain amount of pain during their treatment.  The pain level is mostly subjective and can be managed using a variety of…

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Radiation targets and kills cancer cells. An oncologist administers the rays from a machine that attacks the cancer. Radiation schedule may be weekly or multiple times a week…

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Refusing Treatment

  Breast Cancer treatment can take an immeasurable toll on a patient both physically and emotionally, and the patient may still die depending on how advanced the cancer…

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Stopping Treatment

Stopping treatment after having breast cancer can be both liberating and terrifying. While it may be nice to end the…

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Supplements, namely vitamins, can be an effective way to minimize the side effects of breast cancer treatment. Alternative treatments, such as supplements, have been around…

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Surgery is often the first choice as a breast cancer treatment. There are two main types of surgery in this case, a lumpectomy and a mastectomy. Sometimes the nature of the…

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There’s no official governmental definition for “natural;” but it’s understood that in dealing with cancer, the term applies to treatment not involving surgery or drugs, often referred to as “alternative treatment.” Whether it’s St.…