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Traci Mulder

Traci Mulder, Health Guide

Registered Nurse, Mother

The Adoption Option After Breast Cancer

From the very beginning of this breast cancer journey, my husband and I always knew that adoption was a possibility we were very much open to. After our attempt at surrogacy failed, it was now time to start looking into this option. But, the more we looked, the more discouraged we became.


Every program we researched cost... Read moreChevron

Beth Brophy

Beth Brophy, Health Guide

Journalist, Survivor - Active 2005 to 2007

Breast Cancer and Yoga


Marcie Pruett, 39, of San Diego, California has been battling breast cancer for the past three years. After two surgeries, two... Read moreChevron

Luis A. Diaz, MD

Luis A. Diaz, MD, Health Guide

Professor, Johns Hopkins

A Doctor's Read on the New Chemo Brain Treatment Study

Chemo brain, also known as cognitive impairment from chemotherapy, is a term frequently used by breast cancer patients and survivors to describe memory slips and general brain fog thought to be an after-effect of chemotherapy. In recent... Read moreChevron

Alvaro Pereira-Rico, MD

Alvaro Pereira-Rico, MD, Health Guide

Medical Oncologist

Medical Oncologist's Response to Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LH-RH) Agonist Study

Breast Cancer News Editor's Note: Read moreChevron
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