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Wednesday, August 06, 2008 grogers, Community Member, asks

Q: What is the average financial cost of chemotherapy for colloid carcinoma breast cancer?

I've been diagnosed with colloid tumors.  something called adeno ductal carcinoma.  I will soon be entering chemotherapy.  I would like to have an idea how much each treatment is likely to cost.  Also, the cost of radiation, which I fully expect to have as well.  I have looked all over the internet and have come up with nothing.  I don't need the exact amount, just a general idea.  Some people do not have insurance and aren't old enough for Medicare or poor enough for Medicaid.  These impending procedures are going to impact me quite a bit, financially.

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/ 6/08 5:20pm

The cost of chemo varies HUGELY depending on medication, frequency, duration, and what part of the country you're in. My guess? Think tens of thousands of dollars. Don't know about radiation. Your best bet, for sure, would be to talk to your hospital's social services department. Ask them to give you a ballpark for your treatment, tell them what you can afford to pay, and they'll help you figure something out. There are charitable agencies that will help pay; and probably your cancer center or hospital has funds for those who can't afford treatment. The worst thing you could do would be to say nothing, and then be stuck with a big bill you can't pay at the end.


By the way, your cancer is VERY VERY treatable. Congratulations - if you're going to have breast cancer, you've got one of the "good" ones! Best of luck - PJH

princess_pixiedust, Community Member
8/ 6/08 9:46pm

So sorry about your diagnosis... it stinks that you have to worry about the cost to get well!  My experience with chemo (taxol, herceptin for one full year, carboplatin, and taxotere) was very expensive: in excess of $7,000 per treatment (I had 20 treatment cycles).  Treatment in the hospital setting was nearly double that figure!  Luckily, I do have insurance (double coverage).  My radiologist told me that radiation treatment would be more costly than the chemo.  My hospital's comprehensive cancer center helps people find financial assistance through foundations, etc.  There is a lot of financial help out there, but you have to ask and that is rough, I'm sure.  Your oncologist probably has a nurse or PA who can get you pointed in the right direction for assistance.  Good luck to you!!!

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