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Thursday, February 16, 2012 Ai no, Community Member, asks

Q: large fibrodenoma,should it be removed?

hello,im from malaysia,i have fibrodenoma lump on my right breast.The doctor said it was a giant oval shape fibrodenoma with size of 3 cm x 4 20 years old,it became suddenly large on last year february 2011,but after 8 month it stay unchanged.and a little painful during from reading the question and answer here it say that the fibrodenoma are not necessarily to be removed and if removed it will cause the scarring of breast tissue and might grow back ,and if left it to be in watching the fibrodemona might shrink in size,this has cause me to think again about to not remove the lump.


Im having surgery for removal on April 2012 because my parents decided so.I would like to get an opinion, is it a right decision for me by undergoing surgery?will it reduce my breast size,or bring about negative consequences afterward on my breast?thank you very much Cry im worried.also i would be really glad if someone could share how to take care of the breast after fibrodenoma removal.

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
2/16/12 5:35am

Tokki, any time you have surgery there are risks involved - infection, scarring, a permanent change to your body. But there's a down side to leaving this fibroadenoma alone, too - namely, pain, and the possibility it may grow and become more painful. You need to weigh both sides of this situation, and decide which is preferable to you.


It sounds like you're leaning towards leaving it alone, while your parents and doctor are urging you to have it removed. I think you should make the final choice. It's YOUR body, and you'll live with the consequences, positive or negative. You can always choose to remove it at some later date, if it grows again or becomes more painful; personally I think there's little chance it'll shrink anytime soon, so there's a possibility you'll live with this condition for years. But, fibroadenomas can be unpredictable: they may grow, they may disappear, they may stay the same, so you just don't know.


If you do have the surgery, you'd take care of your breast like you'd take care of any part of your body, post-surgery: keep the incision clean and dry, and wait for it to heal. You wouldn't want to push, pull, or lift too much during the first week or so; and I'm sure your surgeon would have good, specific instructions as far as other care goes. Good luck - I hope things turn out the way you want. PJH

Ai no, Community Member
2/16/12 9:52am

PJ Hamel,Thank you for replying and giving me the idea about it.This really help a lot Cry Now i will think more on what i preferred,and try to disscussed it with my parent.thanks again 

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
2/16/12 4:20pm

You're very welcome - I'm sure your parents want what's best for you, but you want the same - and it's up to you. Take care - PJH

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