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Thursday, November 17, 2011 tenngirl, Community Member, asks

Q: Bleeding after Radiation?

I had a partial mastectomy in July 2010 for Invasive Ductal Carinoma followed by 36 radiation treatment. I have been having nipple bleeding for several months on same breast. I had a mammogram and Usg and the Dr says everything OK, but I know this is not Normal? Anyone else have this problem?

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/18/11 5:16am

Bleeding from the nipple isn't normal. It can come from a number of causes, but if it's just one breast, not both; and the bleeding happens spontaneously (i.e., you don't squeeze it), then it's something you need to get checked out. You might have an infection; a benign growth (think something like a wart), or it can be a sign of cancer. So get a second opinion from another doctor, OK? Preferably a breast specialist. Good luck - PJH

tenngirl, Community Member
11/18/11 11:12pm

Thanks for your answer. Ive been to my oncologist several times and the surgeon they treated me once with Abx for infection but it didnt help. It makes me feel like they think im crazy even though they have seen the bloody discharge. I wonder why they havent done another MRI which is the only way the cancer was found in the first place. Im second guessing my decision to do the total mastectomy. Everything happened so fast and my husband was in Iraq with the Air force when all this was happening. My head was spinning with the info i was given and choices that needed to be made. I didnt even get to tell him until the day before surgery.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/19/11 5:52am

Cancer is tough - always difficult decisions to be made. Including this one - if your oncologist thks you're OK, do you keep pursuing these symptoms? I'd say yes. Self-advocacy takes a lot of energy, but it's your body, your health, and ultimately, your responsibility.


I think your next move should be to ask your oncologist for a referral to a breast specialist. Tell him you can't stop worrying until you know what's causing the bleeding, and since it's probably a non-cancer issue, you'd like to see a different doctor. That way he/she won't be as resentful about you not simply taking their advice... Good luck - and to your husband, too. PJH

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