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Monday, February 09, 2009 bella020, Community Member, asks

Q: should i have a lump removed even if it's not cancer?

Hi I am a 30 year old female.  I founda lump in my breast near the nipple area about 2 months ago.  I went to my PCP who sent me for an unltrasound and mammo. The ultrasound tech said she was a tumor that seems to be benign.  She tried to get me out of having the mammo done but the doctor wanted it.  After I was done with both the doctor at the breast clinic told me that she didn't think it was anything serious and wanted to check it out in 6 months.  on my way home she called me and told me that she spoke to my PCP and he wanted me to have a biopsy. 


I had a u.s guided core biopsy done this morning.  I get the results in thee days (praying).  The doctor who did the biopsy said it looked to be benign but she'll call me in 3 days.  My question is should i still have the tumor removed if it is benign?  I can feel it, and kinda don't want it there. 

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
2/ 9/09 8:52pm

Bella, I don't think there's any "should" about having a benign lump removed. If it's stressing you emotionally, then I believe it's your right to have it removed. You'd better check with your insurance provider first, however, to see if it's covered; you wouldn't want any unwelcome surprises in that area.


Understand that cancer, at your age, is very rare. And that 85% of biopsies are negative. So the stats are definitely on your side. Keep up the prayers; I hope in 3 days you can breathe a huge sigh of relief! Good luck - PJH

Angi, Community Member
2/10/09 1:50pm


I understand how you feel about having a tumor in your breast that you don't want there.  The whole testing and waiting process is extremely scary.  I was just 31 when I found lumps in each of my breast - one side was cancerous, the other fibrocystic.  Knowing that I had cancer before had freaked me out each time I found a new cyst.  Though cancer in your 30's is rare - it does happen, but before you start this process of thinking about having it removed, first wait to see what your results are.  If it is benign there is no harm in leaving it be.  Likely you would just have it monitored for a bit to see if it changes any.  Find out first what threats this tumor poses and what your doctor recommends.  Like PJ said your insurance may not cover it unless for some reason it poses a risk or if breast cancer runs in your family.

Take it step by step.  We are always here to help.  Hopefully your results will come back negative and everything will work itself out to your satisfaction!

good luck!


littlebear, Community Member
3/22/09 1:43am

the same for me but they didnt do biopsy they just said take it outUndecided. in the samr ares its small like a pea and HARD. good luck with your take it out girl friend you dont want it in there

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