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Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Carrie, Community Member, asks

Q: small dimple right under nipple , want to go to the dr but just started my period should I wait ?

right breast has been sore found a small dimple right under the nipple but only there when I raise my arm, should I go now to the dr are wait until next week when I'm off my period ?

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
5/27/08 4:50pm

Carrie, it's good you're paying attention to your breasts. Go ahead and wait till your period is over; whatever it is, if it's serious it'll still be there next week... - Best of luck, Carrie. PJH

Carrie, Community Member
8/12/08 4:20pm

Hi, I have the same name.  I had the same symptoms, at the same time, talk coincidence!  Mine is invasive lobular carcinoma and I'm already through with 2 surgeries and chemo....

c, Community Member
8/16/08 9:47am

Hi.  I have a similar symptom.  I have a small dimple right above my nipple which is is only there when I raise my arm.  Also, I feel a lump directly under that area right above my nipple.  I had a mammogram and sonogram which were negative although the mammogram shows an increased "clump" of tissue as compared with last years mammo.  My doctor said to wait a month to see if it is still there.  I don't know if I should be worried because nothing suspicious shows up on the films. Also, it it were serious wouln't the dimple be there constantly? Also, I'm 40 and premenopausal and my mother had brest cancer in her sixties.

Carrie, Community Member
8/25/08 3:33am

Don't ever take a dimple lightly.  My dimple was only when I lifted my arm.  It was very hard to see, and very slight.  I ended up with good doctors who did an open biopsy.  My needle biopsy was "fat necrosis," not cancer.  I felt the lump; it was palpable, like a hard boiled egg. I have invasive lobular carcinoma, and it is in one lymph node.  My mammograms and ultrasounds are still normal.  It did show up on the MRI-BREAST.  PLEASE have any dimples checke out.  Find a breast surgeon specialist who can biopsy it.  Don't play with a dimple, but having an open biopsy, it can save your life, it did mine.  REMEMBER...there are breast cancers that do not show up on mammogram or ultrasound.

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