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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 fl0j0e, Community Member, asks

Q: White lump turned red, hard nasty and sore on breast

i started with a white hard spot type lump on right breast about a week ago, i tried to pop it thinkin it was a spot. 2 days ago it came u red swollen and sore, i get pains from it and hurts to touch. its not itchy or leaking but like a nasty mosquito bite. i have had high blood pressure and also a lump size of pea on neck. i am also lactose intolerant so cut down on dairy. and for 2 weeks i ave hot flushes dizziness and bad heads. very sleepy and sometimes vomit. i am 43 and suffer severe ibs plus few other medical probs. i had full hysterctomy 7yr ago and used to be on the implant. my bp is sometimes 160/100 in the morning and sometimes with  medication has been 45/30

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/14/08 3:42pm

Wow, I'm so sorry - you've got a lot of health challenges going on! I think it's probably a good idea to go to the doctor and have this looked at. Any breast changes should be taken seriously; the doctor can tell you what this is, and what to do about it. Good luck - PJH

Angi, Community Member
10/14/08 4:42pm

Hi - what you have described sounds like an ingrown hair, cyst or boil.  They start off looking like a pimple, then turn red, swollen and sore due to possible infection and from attempting to pop it.  When you squeezed or picked at it, the capillaries broke causing the spot to become reddened.  While it is likely nothing, I would suggest having it checked out by a physician because you have other health conditions that factor into eveything.  You doctor can do an ultrasound to tell if it is solid or fluid filled, and then prescribe a course of antibiotics if it turns out to be somethng that is fluid filled.  But only your doctor will be able to let you know for sure if this is cancerous or not.  Besides, why sit there sore and worried when he can put you at ease!

Best of luck to you.  Please keep us posted!


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