• Bella Bella
    June 02, 2009
    What are small red-to-brown bumps in breast cleavage area?
    Bella Bella
    June 02, 2009

    I am a 43-year-old female. Following a very itchy spell and redness, I develop about three red spots in my breast cleavage (the spots/bumps are no more than an eighth of an inch in diameter at most) that later turn to brown (raised spots) and then flake off. A few days to a week later, the cycle starts again. My dermatologist says these are nothing to worry about, but I am not convinced. What is the cause of this? Thank you.



  • PJ Hamel
    Health Guide
    June 03, 2009
    PJ Hamel
    Health Guide
    June 02, 2009

    Belia, this doesn't sound like a typical breast cancer symptom, since it's cyclical; inflammatory breast cancer, which can be characterized by what looks like a skin issue, doesn't disappear. If this gets worse (more bumps, more frequently); or if one (not both) of your breasts seems to be getting infected (red, hot, swollen, painful), then you'd best see a breast specialist. But beyond that, if your dermatologist says not to be too concerned, you can hopefully trust him/her. Good luck - PJH


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