• Eunice Joy Guillerga Eunice Joy Guillerga
    June 20, 2010
    are all breast cancers malignant? when can you say it is just benign or malignant?
    Eunice Joy Guillerga Eunice Joy Guillerga
    June 20, 2010


    1. Briefly explain the staging used in breast cancer.

    2. Are all breast cancer malignant?

    3. Is there really benign breast cancer?



  • PJ Hamel
    Health Guide
    June 20, 2010
    PJ Hamel
    Health Guide
    June 20, 2010

    Hi Eunice:

    1) Please read this explanation of staging breast cancer.

    2) Cancer is by definition malignant; there's no such thing as benign cancer. There IS such a thing as invasive or infiltrating vs. non-invasive cancer. Invasive is where the cancer has broken through its initial starting place (e.g., milk ducts, lobules) and gone into surrounding tissue; about 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have invasive breast cancer. The remainder have non-invasive (also called "in situ") cancer, sometimes known as a "pre-cancer" as some doctors don't believe cells are cancerous until they spread.


    Hope this helps - PJH



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