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Thursday, December 10, 2009 Pam, Community Member, asks

Q: Very painful burning sensation in right breast as well as white discharge from nipple

Hi,For the last two weeks or so I have been experiencing a very sharp, searing, burning sensation in my right breast.This "sensation" always occurs in the same place and it burns from near my armpit side towards my lower right side of my right breast.It has been happening more and more frequently lately and has become more intense. When researching the basics on the net, there was an article that mentioned discharge from the nipples, which I also have.I have had a white discharge (only if applying pressure to the nipple) since I was pregnant five years ago.I have tried to do research on the net but have found that it could potentially be so many random things. Much appreciated,Pam

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
12/10/09 5:21pm

If your nipple discharge has been the same for five years, you probably do not need to worry about it.  Many women have discharge, especially if they press on the nipple.  Your burning pain is getting worse, so I think you need to let a doctor check it out.  You can read more about causes of breast pain in this article to give you some ideas about possible causes.  Many people believe the myth that breast cancer doesn't hurt, but sometimes it does.  My breast cancer started with a pain that got gradually worse, progressing to swelling and redness.  Most breast pain is not cancer, but do make an appointment to get checked.

Deb C., Community Member
1/11/11 2:56pm

I am 56 years old. I have had a slight discharge from my right nipple for 10 months. The discharge has increased in the last 4 months. Now I have a burning sensation on the outside part of my breast and around the nipple. It does not bother me all of the time. I have been seeing my OB/GYN for 2 months. I had a mamogram in May 2010 that was normal. In Nov. 2010 I had an ultrasound that showed some thickening in the milk duct. This lead to a ductogram which came back normal. So far they have not been able to find anything wrong.

My concern is cancer because I have a strong history of breast cancer (sister, 2 aunts, first cousin) who have had breast cancer. We also have a strong history of other cancers in the family, affecting mostly the females.

I have been referred to a surgeon to see what she thinks. I am trying to stay positive but something just doesn't feel right. I keep persuing this because they say "No one knows your body like you do."

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
1/11/11 4:18pm

Deb, you are doing exactly the right things:  pursuing this with the breast surgeon and trying to stay positive.  Most of the time time breast discharge and burning pain are not breast cancer, so there is plenty of reason to hope that this does not turn out to be cancer.  Be sure that your mammogram images are compared to old ones.  Sometimes even when a lump doesn't show up on a mammogram, other changes in symmetry, thickness or density can signal a need for a biopsy. Even if the surgeon thinks a biopsy is in order, keep in mind that most biopsies are benign.  It sounds like your doctors are taking your symptoms seriously and following up appropriately.  I hope you get good news.

isabella, Community Member
12/11/09 2:57am



Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer my breasts were so painful, and I could feel movement in them.  They were almost palpatating.  Instinct told me what was wrong, and for a whole year I went to doctor's.  I was looking up early stage breast cancer on the internet. I would not let another day pass.  Go to your doctor.  Don't let them fob you off.  It's your body, and you know when something is not right. I wish you all the best and hope that everything is ok.  Don't let fear stop you from doing what is best.  Take care.



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