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Monday, October 13, 2008 marisa1212, Community Member, asks

Q: I'm a 15 year old girl, do i have breast cancer?

I noticed within the past 1 or 2 months that i have a lump on my left breast, near the top of the breast.

I dont have one on my right breast. and i only have the one lump on the top of my left breast.

It is hard, you cant tell unless you feel it, that it's there. And sometimes if i press it it hurts, and other times it doesn't.

I've been reading up on breast cancer and i understand that it is extremly unlikely to get breast cancer at this age, except i am still concerned.

Could i have breast cancer, if not what do you think it is?

I haven't gone to check it out...because well i don't like doctors. especially if they need to touch my boobs or something.

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/14/08 7:16am

Marisa, as you said, your age makes it very, very, VERY unlikely you have breast cancer. What you're feeling is most probably the natural lumpiness that happens as your breasts grow during puberty. These lumps can come and go as your breasts grow. That said, you're going to need to get over your fear of going to the doctor sometime - we all have to do it as we mature and become women, so best get used to it! I'd mention this lump to your mom or, if that's not possible, the school nurse. They can decide if they think you can keep your eye on it, or if you should get it checked out, OK? Good luck - PJH

cherieL, Community Member
7/ 8/09 12:25pm

i have the same thing on my left bbrest toooo! ima go check it up tomorrrow! hopefully its nothing serious!

Loba96, Community Member
7/30/12 11:13am

so wat did dey say

Loba96, Community Member
7/30/12 11:14am

because im having the same symptoms and im worried and scared to ask the


PJ Hamel, Health Guide
7/30/12 1:18pm

It's OK to be scared; it means you're paying attention to your health, which is good. But you also need to understand that having breast cancer during your young teen years is very unlikely; our message to teens about breast cancer will give you lots of great information about why this lump almost certainly is NOT cancer.


At your age, lumpy breasts are very common; they're part of puberty, and signal the fact that your breast is about to grow. Please read our teen guide to breast development for more information about puberty, and how your breasts develop.


Now, all of that said, please don't let a fear of doctors stop you from talking about this with your mom, or another responsible adult. Maybe there's a reason you should have this examined by a doctor; perhaps there's some breast cancer history in your family you don't know about. At any rate, rather than worry alone, share it with someone older; you'll definitely feel better once you talk this out with an adult, and it's important, at your age, to continue to share health issues – with your parents, if possible. Good luck - PJH

gavin, Community Member
8/15/09 9:30am

wow!! i have the same thing and was wondering the same thing, my aunt had breast cancer and survide, i dont wonna ask her because i think it might be kinda bad to ask her like i would feel bad for asking, im 15 and i have been feelling this on and off. i am not sure about it but the other night i cryed because it was hurting and i finally told my mom and she felt it and said that we will have to go to her doc and see, she also said it could be a swolen linth nod but it is too far over in my boob.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/15/09 4:43pm

Hi - Please read our Teen Guide to Breast Development. You DON'T have breast cancer, OK? Lumpy, painful breasts are very common in girls your age. Please don't worry; it's great you're seeing the doctor, so he can totally set your mind at ease... PJH

fergie, Community Member
12/15/11 6:00pm

tell your mum so she can help

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