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Saturday, June 26, 2010 jc, Community Member, asks

Q: breast reconstruction and expanders

can you ever sleep on your side with expanders, having difficulty sleeping on back all the time and pain in my shoulder blades

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
6/26/10 6:55am

It's all personal - some women are able to sleep on their sides, some aren't. Expanders are a difficult, painful process, for sure; luckily, they're not permenent. Readers, does anyone have any advice about more comfortable sleeping while going through the expander process? PJH

Pat, Community Member
7/ 2/10 10:21pm

I am very upset, my P/S tells me that my expander has turned over and is facing ,my chestwall, so he cannot fill it. Also the incision is not healing well, due to my radiation treatment. I am going to lose my COBRA soon and don't know where to turn. I need some answers...is it typical to have problems with the expanders? The incision keeps oozing, and won't stop...I am so scared, that I will never be better. I guess I'm having a pity party for one!! Ha Ha.. but seriously, do we have any options here? should I be looking for a different doctor? I don't know what I should be doing if anything...

Please help..




PJ Hamel, Health Guide
7/ 3/10 6:22am

Pat, it sounds like you need a new doctor. It doesn't sound right that he'd simply tell you there's nothing that can be done, midway through this procedure. My advice is to see the social workers at the hospital where you're being treated; they're usually good at dealing with the patient's whole experience (including financial), and not just the medical part. Hopefully they'll be able to give you some guidance about next steps here. And - it's totally OK to have a pity party. You deserve it, going through what you're going through! Understand that things DO change, so what you're undergoing now won't be your experience forever. You'll get this straightened out somehow, and go on with your life. Best of luck - PJH

stepaheda, Community Member
7/ 8/10 5:47am

Hi this is steaheda,

One of the things that helped me a lot with trying to sleep was a body pillow. I thought my doctor was crazy when he first suggested it but it worked. All you can do it try it cost about $9.00.Laughing

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