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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 kvil, Community Member, asks

Q: vaginal dryness due to lack of HRT


I was dx with triple neg BC in 09.  I was on HRT for 3 years following a hysterectomy in 06.  I'm 49.  I have severe vaginal dryness due to the lack of HRT that has made sex almost impossible.  OTC creams and jells cause UTI's.  Is there anything out there that would give me my sex life back?

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/17/10 4:02pm

I'm wondering, since you're triple negative, why they don't have you just go back on the HRT - since your cancer isn't estrogen-receptive? I'd say ask your oncologist that question first. If the answer is, they're afraid of a new BC that IS hormone-receptive, then I'd say you've got a tougher row to hoe. Ask your oncologist about E-string - which is kind of like a diaphragm that slowly releases estrogen cream. You might tolerate that better than the OTC creams you've tried. Beyond that... some women (and my onco nurse is one of them) swear by plain olive oil. (No jokes about the extra-virgin!) So ask your onco about that, too - or your OB/GYN. It's an issue, for sure - and many of us experience it. Good luck - PJH

Brat, Community Member
8/19/10 2:17pm

My doctor recommended a product called "Liquid Silk" which you can get reasonably at drugstore.com...best of luck!

bluebutterfly2222, Community Member
8/19/10 5:49pm



This is certainly an important issue, and one which severely impacts the quality of life of many women, including BC survivors!


Although we do not yet have data on the safety, for  ER+ BC survivors, of the  use of locally (vaginally) applied estrogen products, two, Vagifem and Estring, provide very low doses of estrogen. Estring, for example, releases over 90 days  an amount equivalent to taking oral estrogen for just 2 days, and Vagifem is now available in a 10 mcg dose, whereas it previously came only in a 20 mcg dose. (Both of these are reported  to be preferrable to  a similar third product, Estrace.) These products also appear to have a very, very low level of systemic absorption.


Due to these factors, oncologists are becoming more comfortable having women who have had BC use these preparations. (And as a previous answerer mentioned, this may not be a concern for you, since you have been treated for TNBC; but do check any new medications with your oncologist.)


Meanwhile, a clinical trial  using Vagifen 10 mcg in women with BC is currently under way, and use of Estring is also being  researched. 


Finally,since you have had problems with cream and gel type lubricants, I would highly recommend trying Pjur Original Bodyglide. Although it works as both a moisturiser and a lubricant, it is oil-free, water-free, and fragrance-free,and not at all sticky or gooey. It can be used for massages as well.


 Best wishes for obtaining improvement in regard to this issue...


kvil, Community Member
8/19/10 8:54pm

Thank you so much for your suggestions.   I will try the bodyglide and I have a followup with both my onco and gyno in the next couple of weeks. 



bluebutterfly2222, Community Member
8/20/10 11:57am

You are most welcome.


I haven't seen the Pjur Original Bodyglide in stores, but I ordered it several years ago on the recommendation of my GYN, and have been using it ever since. It contains Dimethicone (somewhat similar to the spray lubricant for treadmills, Smile) and is safe to use with latex condoms too.


I don't know if I'm allowed to give their Web site and tel # in this forum, so if a monitor  removes the info, just do an Internet search for their name. www.pjur.com   (212)337-3767

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/20/10 5:36pm

Hi - I'm the "monitor," and am happy to have any informaiton here that will help. Thanks for posting! PJH

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