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Sunday, January 17, 2010 shellbellxx, Community Member, asks

Q: sore and very tender breasts

hi need a little advice.. both my breasts have been very sore & tender for a week... also am always tired and grouchy..i had my tubes tied 3 years ago after 3 c-sections so doubtfull im pregnant.. i had a laparoscomy over a month ago as had cysts..  ( just wondering if that has anything to do with it ) ??  any advice would be greatly appreciated. xxx

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
1/17/10 6:04pm

Hi - First, keep in mind that having your tubes tied doesn't always guarantee you can't get pregnant; accidents happen. So you might want to take a pregnancy test, just in case.


This sounds very hormonal, with both breasts involved; both breasts being sore isn't a breast cancer symptom. Not sure if cysts could cause this kind of soreness, though I imagine they could. So, wait a couple of weeks; and if the soreness doesn't abate (or if it gets worse; or if your breast or breasts seem infected), see a doctor, OK? Good luck - PJH

IRONSIDE, Community Member
1/19/10 4:29am

Good morning Shellbell, several years ago I had sore ,swollen and tender breasts in fact it was so bad it hurt to walk. I only have small breasts by the way. I went to see my doctor several doctors in fact and no one seemed to be able to help me. I then was advised to go and see a highly recomended Gynocologist in Madrid...I had to take with me a hormonal blood test estrogen was very high...the doctor explained to me that in cases such as mine he advises a short course of Tamoxifen....(I did not have breast cancer)...Within 6 weeks all inflamation and pain had disappeared.


After you have followed PJs advice and the pain is still there it might be worth mentioning this to your gynocologist...



PJ Hamel, Health Guide
1/19/10 7:25am

Very interesting, Ironside - thanks for this good advice. PJH

shellbellxx, Community Member
1/19/10 7:34am

ty PJ & Ironside for both of your advice :)

I rang my doctors this morning gave him the symptoms and dates when it started.. he suggested i do a pregnancy test just to make sure (at least 3 days before period is due) which is this weekend..  If the test is negative i have to make an appointment for Monday.. Though today my breast are worse i can't even wear a bra.. so i hope i find out the problem soon. I shall suggest that problem you had Ironside.. so fingers crossed i'll be sorted Monday :) I'll keep you posted.


Thanks again


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