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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Ally, Community Member, asks

Q: Scared of breast cancer.Can you help me please ?

Hello , i have a strange feeling in my left breast. It really scares me and i also have that pinching pain down my left arm. I have no lumps, no any change of breast whatsoever, but i do have a history of breast cancer in my family. One of my aunts died in age of 44 and other is fighting right now .I'm 32 years old. The discomfort feels like something i can't find words to describe. Sometimes feels like burning and cold at the same time inside, sometimes pinching. It's little painful if i gently squeeze it but again, no lumps, no discarge, no discolorin on my breast or any other change. Can you please help me ? Thanks


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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
12/30/09 10:41pm

Hi - These symptoms don't sound like breast cancer symptoms. Since it's on your left side and runs down your arm, could you perhaps be having a heart issue? Could be hormonal, too. Whatever it is, it's worth getting checked by a doctor, OK? So don't be frightened; but do be concerned enough to get yourself checked out. With a slight history of breast cancer in your family (slight because it's not your mom, a sister, or a daughter), you need to be extra-cautious. Good luck - PJH

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
12/31/09 7:52am

Ally, I agree that you should check with the doctor about possible heart issues.  Sometimes the pain we feel in one part of our body, like the breast, is actually coming from another part.  This is called referred pain.  There is one rare type of breast cancer that can start with pain and tenderness, but that usually rapidly progresses within days or weeks to other symptoms such as swelling, redness, and dimpled skin.  Please see the doctor, and if he gives you an all clear on your heart, be alert for other breast changes.

WorriedDaughter, Community Member
12/31/09 12:55pm

I feel like we are related. My aunt pasted 2 years ago with Breast cancer and my other aunt is fighting it and now found out 3 months ago my mother has breast cancer..

This is really rough to go through when it hits home for me. But I have had the genetic testing and it was negative, but I can offer you that test to take or talk with your dr. about it and see. But that test isn't always right... mom took it so did the aunt that died and there's been neg. But please just see a dr. and see if he can check it out.

But I do know I was told there is no pain with cancer. I have 3 children and my lumps that i have that scared me are swollen milk glands.


But let's keep in touch and get checked.


Your friend

Vanessa Chickamauga, GA

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
1/ 1/10 6:32am

Hi Vanessa, It's good that you've had the genetic testing for breast cancer and that you don't have the gene.  Since most breast cancers are not caused by the two known genes BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, your aunt and mom might have breast cancers caused either by a gene that scientists haven't found yet, or by some kind of environmental exposure they had in their childhood, or even just by chance.

Although it is true that breast cancer usually doesn't hurt, pain can be one possible symptom of breast cancer.  When women feel a lump that hurts, it is more likely to be a cyst than a cancerous lump, but persistent pain can be related to breast cancer.

Ally, Community Member
1/ 1/10 12:38am

Thanks my dear friends. Your words means a lot to me. Smile Well i got checked for my heart and at first, they said i have some arrhythmia, but after a while, they said  i'm perfectly fine. I have had two missed misscariages due to some "blood cloths" that my doctors find on tests they did, after second misscariage. The thing is, they don't know were are blood cloths ! Weird isn't it ? But, i really have the problem in my left side. And also i forgot to mention, the pain is sometimes felt in my upper back, through my left shoulder to. I did ekg, holter for 24h, cardiogram ...showed arrhythmia but not "dangerous" I have had taken pills for that on prescription "athenolol" and stoped using it by my doctors recomendation. And knowing al of that, right now i'm only scared for breast cancer :( . Scared to se a doctor for that . I'm mother of two. I have daughter in April will be 11 , and son in April will be 9 years old. I get that cold fear anytime i look at them...


Thanks once again . We'll stay in touch . Wish you all the best through 2010 .


Ally Wink

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
1/ 1/10 6:40am

Ally, since you have had your heart checked, the next step is to see a breast specialist.  Sometimes women have breast pain whose cause is never found, and it turns out just to be normal for them.  However, before you accept this pain as something you have to live with or spend more time worrying about its being a cancer symptom, you need to see a doctor who will be proactive about trying to find out what is going on.  This article on breast pain will give you some ideas about factors to consider. 

benamar, Community Member
1/ 8/10 8:36pm

hi, thank you very much for all this information,

you can read more on this thanks

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