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Tuesday, September 16, 2008 japennington, Community Member, asks

Q: Found small hard lump in left breast

I am 33 and had a total hyst last Dec (I still have my right ovary).  Last month my husband found a small lump in my left breast directly along the outer edge of my areola not far under the skin.  I do have "lumpy" breast during different points in my cycle but I have never felt this before and it hasn't gone away.  I have scheduled an appt with my doc for Sept 23.  Could this just be a blocked milk duct, although I have never had a child.  My maternal grandmother had breast cancer along with 2 great aunts (one maternal one faternal).  I guess what scares me is that I don't have any pain and most information I have found on the net says that milk ducts will cause pain if that is the problem.

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
9/16/08 11:14am

Hi - You're doing exactly the right thing, having this examined. Understand that at your age, breast cancer is very rare - so you have that in your favor. Also, the vast majority of lumps that women feel in their breasts are NOT breast cancer - so that's in your favor, too. Lumps can be cysts; fibroadenomas; fibrocystic disease; a blocked duct, as you say... lots of things. Even if it turns out to be a suspicious lump that needs a biopsy, 85% of biopsies are negative. Another thing in your favor. So I'm glad you're aware and concerned, and taking care of this - but don't stress about it, OK? The huge chance is that the lump is something easily taken care of. Good luck - PJH

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