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Tuesday, October 05, 2010 kcbrasj, Community Member, asks

Q: I have a biopsy scheduled for next Thursday - I am thinking of telling them I don't want the titanium marker - any thoughts?

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
10/ 6/10 5:42pm

You want to be sure that the surgeon biopsies the right spot, so unless your tumor is near the surface and large enough to find easily, the marker seems like it will help your doctor get the most accurate results.  If you are concerned, ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of each option.  I'd be inclined to follow my surgeon's recommendation because only the doctor who has personally examined you knows how difficult the biopsy would be without the marker.

Dr. B, Community Member
10/ 6/10 4:23pm

The titanium clip used to mark the area of a breast biopsy is very safe AND helpful to your doctors.  Titanium is used in many devices in peoples bodies, and does not have any reaction to magnets or metal detectors.  After you have a breast biopsy, it is important to know exactly what tissue was biopsied so that your future mammograms can be interpreted correctly. Also, in the unlikely situation that you do need that area removed surgically, the surgeon will be able to find it.  It usually does not require any additional risk to the procedure. 

DDD, Community Member
6/10/11 9:36am

I just joined and I seen this was last year. I am wondering if u are still on this site. I had a clip put in and I wish it was never put in my breast. I have had terrible pain since, I called and told them about it where they had done biopsy and where it was implanted and they said it is too tiny to do anything  but my medical onolgoligist says it is probably pinching on a nerve.


They disagreed with her. They told me to take IBUPROFEN for it . I woke up this morning nausea from the med..


and the pain is not getting any better .


I hope everything went well for you.  I hope your still on this sight and let me know how you are doing.


They also told me when I have my surgery it will guide them to the spot.I want them to take it out when they do my surgery.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
6/10/11 5:13pm

D, if you're having surgery, they would automatically take it out, I'd assume. But do ask beforehand, just to make sure. I hope the surgery relieves your pain - good luck. PJH

ConnieQ, Community Member
6/11/11 3:41pm

I've been reading up on women's reactions to these markers.  A marker was put into my left breast at the time of a needle core biopsy (without advance notice or my permission).  The tests were negative and so the marker remained in place.  I've experienced pain, heaviness at the site of the marker and pain spreading to my shoulders.  I  haven't been back to the doctor yet and decided to see if there was info on the internet.  I arrived at this site and there are all kinds of women who have experienced adverse reactions to the marker.  The worst part is that their doctors do not believe it can be the marker and it appears there is great resistance on the part of the medical community to acknowledge there can be a problem or to remove them once in place.  If I were you I would not allow them to place the marker.  After all the reading I've done I do not believe the marker is for your benefit but for the ease of the doctors later - not a good enough reason to risk adverse reactions - especially when correcting the problem, i.e. removing the marker, seems to be almost impossible for some reason.

voice of experience, Community Member
12/16/10 12:59am

Please do not have the titanium marker clip inserted.  I agreed to one only after being pressured to no end.  Now I regret it as the worst decision I ever made in my life.  This technology has not been in use for very long, and I feel as though I've been used as a guinea pig.  My research shows that approximately 80 percent of biopsies show benign results.  Save yourself the grief and heartache.  If there's a problem with the pathology, the surgeon will be able to locate the biopsy site as in the past.


At the very least, do more research on this before consenting.  Do not succumb to fear tactics.  Most women overestimate their risk of getting breast cancer.  And most women who actually get breast cancer will die with it and not from it.


Be strong and fearless.






PJ Hamel, Health Guide
12/16/10 5:44am

I'm interested in hearing from the small percentage of women who seem to have problems with the titanium clip. Could you describe more fully what your experience has been? I know some women do report serious systemic issues, which they relate to the clip... Thanks- PJH

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