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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 TLC, Community Member, asks

Q: Burning Sensation in Left Breast

I am 40 years and have been experiecing breast burning  sensation in left breast on and off   and very worried about pain. I just had  annual check up with OBGYN who  states is just that I am going through pre menapause and  it just one of the many symptons.  Should I be worried about  buring pain?

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
6/24/09 6:25pm

Has this sensation been off and on for a week or for months?  Is the pain annoying or severe?  Generally speaking off and on symptoms are not cancer.  It's good that you've checked in with your OBGYN.  It's certainly true that hormonal changes can cause pain and tenderness.  However, since this is just on your left side, you might want to make some notes about the frequency and duration of the pain.  If your pain gets more intense or more frequent, checking back in with your own doctor or a breast specialist might be a good idea.  Has your doctor scheduled you for a baseline mammogram?  Many doctors routinely do that for women who turn 40, especially if they are having symptoms like yours.  If you develop swelling and or redness, call immediately for another appointment.

TLC, Community Member
6/25/09 11:25am

The sensation normally occurs 2 weeks prior  and 2 weeks after my period, but lately my period has not been regular, then the pain is  on and off .Per my OBGYN due to premenapause.The pain is annoying but the first thing you think about is Breast Cancer.Yes I have been scheduled for a base line mamogram as well. 

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
6/25/09 5:28pm

A pain like that, which is so closely related to your cycle, is not likely to be a breast cancer symptom.  The information you get from the mammogram will also be helpful in allaying your concerns.

Meno Pause, Community Member
7/12/10 9:32pm

I have been experincing a burning sensation in my left breast for 5 weeks. I am 49. Mid way in menopause. This pain has accompanied light bleeding ... and is constant, even a hot water bottle does not relieve pain.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
7/12/10 9:53pm

If you're bleeding from your nipple, you should definitely see a doctor about this ASAP. If you're talking menstrual-type bleeding, then the pain could very well be a symptom of menopause. Still, since it's been going on for 5 weeks, I'd suggest you make an appointment and find out what's causing it, OK? Best of luck - PJH

LRBogle, Community Member
9/16/09 1:03am

I am experiencing the same thing.  Have you had any of your concerns answered yet?

Sister lover, Community Member
6/27/09 11:42pm

Please have biopsy done immediately to check for inflamatory breast cancer.  It is deadly and must be caught quick.

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