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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Jodie, Community Member, asks

Q: If you have little bumps on your nipple that are itchy is that a common thing or breast cancer?

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/26/08 2:49pm

Jodie, it would be really, REALLY unusual for itchy bumps on your nipple to be breast cancer. However, if they're new, they qualify as a breast change, and you should have them looked at, OK? Good luck - PJH

Melie, Community Member
1/28/09 1:02pm

I don't have an answer to this. I do however have the same problem. I have had these little bumps for I guess 2 years. They don't go away, they itch from time to time and have also burned. I didn't think much about it. Is this common?

denise, Community Member
6/16/09 6:06pm

i have a bump on my nipple it is painful should i get it checked out or wait

jestofo, Community Member
10/18/09 12:38pm

These are probably just Montgomery glands, which i wrote an article about which you can read here:


Montgomery glands are usually the same color as your nipple, and if you squeeze them (don't do that tho) sometimes white stuff will come out, which is simply excess oil.  The itching could be simply caused by extra oil. I suggest you read my article for more information.


If they are in any way discolored or paintful, however, you should see your physician immediately, just to be safe.

melissa, Community Member
10/26/10 6:36pm

i have just started geting this but having itchy nipples, for the past two days its bad no pain or anything maby sore because i pinch them to stop the itching. cancer or maby pregnant? im 21

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/26/10 7:52pm

Please don't worry about cancer. At your age, and with the symptoms you describe in both breasts, it's totally unlikely. This is most probably a hormonal issue; if it doesn't disappear within a month, then you might want to see your doctor and find out what it is (ditto if it gets noticeably worse; you'd want to get some relief). In the meantime, please read our post on nipple issues; I think it'll help set your mind at ease. Good luck - PJH

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