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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 kris2882, Community Member, asks

Q: Very painful pimple-like bump on areola

Hi! For the past few days Ive noticed my breast were little sore, but happens every now and then so I didnt think much of it, but yesturday I felt it definately getting worse... almost feels like my whole breast is sore but when I went to look at it, I noticed there is a pimple like bump on my areola that is very painful to the touch, even wearing just a loose t-shirt was irritating... Was gonna try to maybe pop it to see if it was just a simple pimple but way too painful to pinch. Is this somthing I should rush to the doctor for or is it somthing that will go away. I dont have insurance so Im not sure what to do. Thank you so much for any help!

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/12/10 1:45pm

Kris, you might have an infected milk duct, or an infected oil gland. Give it a couple of days or so; if it doesn't seem to be getting better, then yes, you should go to the doctor and have it treated, as you'd want to start on a course of antibiotics. Or, if it gets worse (your breast becomes inflamed, red, hot, swollen, itchy), thenb see a doctor ASAP. In the meantime, try applying warm compresses; and DON'T squeeze the bump, OK? Good luck - PJH

kris2882, Community Member
10/12/10 3:13pm

Ok! Thank you so much for your help!

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