• leslie leslie
    March 03, 2009
    where can i get a free mammogram in los angeles california
    leslie leslie
    March 03, 2009

    where can i get a free mammogram in los angeles




  • Mytricehm March 11, 2009
    March 11, 2009

    I have a lump the size of a golf ball i recently discovered in my right breast, I am 30 years old and I have no insurance, what should I do?

    • PJ Hamel
      October 30, 2009
      PJ Hamel
      Health Guide
      October 30, 2009

      Hi - First, check with your local hospital. Ask social services what you should do with no insurance, and a large lump in the breast - I suspect they'll have some advice. Next, access the link in the box right above your question - you'll find the resources there you need. Good luck - PJH

  • guest October 29, 2009
    October 29, 2009

    i just made an appt. here. it's only $160 for an exam & mammogram. a lil cheaper if you can prove you are low income. also doesn't appear to have any age limit.


    w w w . m a m m o g r a m l a . c o m / L o w C o s t . h t m l

  • mary May 07, 2010
    May 07, 2010

    where can I get a free mammogram in the Los Angeles / Pasadena area

  • maria November 30, 2010
    November 30, 2010

    Our daugher lives in Ontario, California. She recently discovered/found/felt a big lump in her left breast. She is 32 yrs old, has 4 children, a son who is 15, a 12 yr. old daughter, and 9 yr old identical twin boys. She breast fed all 4 babies. My mother (now deceased) was in remission of breast cancer for over 40 yrs. This had nothing to do with her death. I had 2 cysts removed from my breast, 1 fluid, 1 solid, but thank GOD, those we benign. Her sister, like me, also had  benign cyst removed from her breast, so you see, the cycle continues.

    Now, to her situation,  she lives with the father of her children, but they are not married, therefore, she has NO medical insurance. We are trying to find a place (close to Ontario preferably) that she can go to at no cost, or atleast some kind of discount. If you can help us with this problem, we would be so ever grateful for this/your help. I don't know if you are a parent or not, but if you are, as a parent, I'm sure you can feel the fright that we as parents are going through, plus the fact that we live in a different state, well, we're sure that goes without saying. Again, thank you so much for your help, and we will be awaiting your answer.


    Worried parents


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