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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Peglove, Community Member, asks

Q: All done with chemo, now I have leg swelling?

Wondering if the swelling of left leg is chemo related. I am all done now with 4 rounds, and they warned me of ankle swelling, but it did not happen until now. I have been extremely active the last week. Should I slow down, lay down, legs up? Or is this just a wait it out type thing?

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
5/26/10 6:03am

Peg, you'll need to call the doctor since it is just one leg.  People who've had chemo and/or surgery have a higher risk for blood clots, so your doctor will probably want to check you out to be sure it's not a blood clot.  It could well be related to your increased activity, and elevation is a good idea, but this isn't a "wait it out" symptom.  Give the doctor a call.

Peglove, Community Member
5/29/10 11:52pm

Thank you. Phyllis, I took asprin for blood thinning. Docs are all out of town, but I am ok until tuesday. It seems to be helping the pain and swelling.


I have other questions coming your way! I still taste chemo, how long does that go on for, you think?


Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
5/30/10 7:18am

Peg, I don't remember how long the chemo taste lasted for me.  I think it went away not too long after I finished, but this is probably the kind of thing that varies from person to person.  Drinking lots of water is supposed to help.  I'd mention it to the doctor when you go in next time to see if s/he has noticed a pattern.  Maybe some of our other readers who have finished chemo more recently than I have can remember how long it took to get rid of their chemo taste.  Be sure to call about that leg swelling if it is not completely gone when the offices open again after the holiday.

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