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Sunday, February 15, 2009 Melynda Hassett, Community Member, asks

Q: Can being punched in the boob several times cause breast cancer?

Is it possible to get Breast Cancer if you have been punched in your boob more then ten times?


The reason why I am asking is because, I was punched in my left breast i guess about 20-30 times within three weeks.


So, is it possible?

I am 15 years old, and I am concerned, b/c I have been told that it can, I have been it told that it can't....


I need a straightforward answer


I am going to ask my mom to take me for a breast exam i will try for tomorrow, if not, then next weekend.

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
2/15/09 6:05pm

Melynda, being punched in the breast does NOT cause breast cancer. However, it can cause other issues - scar tissue that feels like a lump, for one. The bigger issue is, why are you getting punched in the breast 30 times? Kids in the hall at school? If you're being bullied or assaulted, even in "fun," you need to tell the school nurse or someone in authority - please? This is not good for you, mentally, physically, or emotionally. You need to stand up for yourself, OK? Good luck to you - PJH

cutieme, Community Member
8/16/12 4:08am

i'm 11 yrs old i always get punched in the boobs it really hurts the hurt is gone but i felt so sick because im scared to get breast cancer is it true that when you get hitted in your boobs u will have cancer???tanks hope u reply because i'm very scared.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/16/12 5:22am

No, there's no evidence that being punched in the breasts can cause breast cancer, so please don't stress about that. However, being the victim of this kind of violent behavior is NOT good, and can definitely injure your breasts in other ways. I hope in the future you can avoid it - either by telling on the person who's doing it (yes, you have to be a snitch in this case), or by avoiding the person or situations where it happens. At your young age, you don't want a permanent injury to your breasts - either for cosmetic reasons (looks), or practical (they'll probably be feeding your babies someday!) I hope you're able to prevent this from happening, going forward - good luck. PJH

cutieme, Community Member
8/24/12 11:31pm

well my classmate told me that her grandmother has died by getting punched in the breast that may cause breast cancer


PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/25/12 6:35am

Her grandma may have died of breast cancer, but it wasn't caused by getting punched. Again, though, the (lack of) connection between the two isn't as important as the fact that NO ONE should be getting punched in the breast. Violence is ugly and wrong, and physical violence, particularly to an area of the body as vulnerable as your breasts, can cause permanent damage. So try to make sure it doesn't happen to you, OK? PJH

Helping hand, Community Member
9/ 8/13 4:10pm
I don't think you should worry, tell your parents. Reply
PJ Hamel, Health Guide
9/ 9/13 5:05am

Tellingy our parents is important, for sure. Thanks for your input here - PJH

pauline, Community Member
1/12/13 11:00am

Hi, im 14 years old and i got kicked right into my right breast while sparring (with gear) with my taekwondo trainer, it hurts for a second but when i got home after our training my breast suddenly hurts and when i kinda grab them my right breast is bigger than the other one.
when i googled "signs of breast cancer" i found some pictures and there is one says "the other breast is bigger than the other one" i am so scared because of that. i hope you can reply to this, i don't want my mom to be worried, please. :(

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
1/12/13 12:34pm

Pauline, you don't have breast cancer - you probably have some swelling from being struck in the breast. Your breasts are sensitive, and despite your chest protector, the right breast probably responded to the blow.


Please read our message to teens, which will reassure you about breast cancer. Put cold compresses on your breast to reduce the swelling, and if it doesn't disappear within a couple of days, it might be best to see a doctor, OK? Just to make sure all's well. Take care - PJH

KIKI123!!!, Community Member
11/ 5/13 1:11am
Hi I'm 13 and over the recent years i have been getting hit and shoved in the boo at school in the halls but not on purpose though and also my younger brother kicks or pinches me in the boob and it really hurts. Does it affect breast growth by getting hit in the breast and can It cause breast cancer and how does or will it affect my breasts if it keeps on happening? Reply
PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/ 5/13 7:59pm

Hi, Kiki - First of all, don't worry about your breasts not growing, or getting breast cancer, from being hit in the breast. A hard enough blow can cause scar tissue, and problems with mammograms down the line, but physical injury doesn't cause breast cancer. That said, it's important for you to protect your breasts from any kind of blow, whether the accidental bump in a crowded hallway, or the deliberate punch from your brother. Your breasts are sensitive; and physical violence is simply something you should avoid at all costs. While traveling between classes, you might try carrying your backpack in front of you, instead of slung over your shoulder. And as for your brother - tell your mom or another responsible adult to get him to lay off! It's simply unacceptable behavior. 


Your breasts not growing yet is a frustrating situation for you, I'm sure, but not at all abnormal. We're all different; and we all go through puberty on our own schedule. It's hard ot be patient, but that's what you need to do. Our teen guide to breast development offers lots of good information; give it a read.


Hope this helps - take good care of yourself, OK? PJH

Erica, Community Member
2/15/09 11:49pm

I am going to second PJH in saying that punching cannot cause breast cancer, but wonder why you are being punched. This seems like unacceptable behavior and the primary issue you need to deal with, rather than being concerned if this can cause breast cancer.


I understand your fears. I am a younger woman (24) who has been through 2 biopsies for breast cancer. If you have any other questions or would like to privately speak about your issue, feel free to shoot me a private message.



LoveMarie, Community Member
8/15/11 5:59am

Hey Erica My Names Marie And Im 18 And My Friend Grabbed My Left Boob Pretty Hard And I Recieved A Lump Instantly In Hurts Like Crap And Im Scared That It Could Possibly Be Cancer, Everytime I Touch The Spot Where The Lump Is It Hurts..Should I Check It Out Is There Something To Be Seriously Worried About?!! HELP PLEASE =(

mystery, Community Member
5/28/09 3:25pm

i had a similar question but i looked on google and found this website with your question so i just wanted to say thank you ... i am also fifteen and i do not get punched in the breasts but i do get hit their quite often

jc, Community Member
7/17/09 4:46am

are you a cheerleader? because i am, and we technically dont get punched in the boob but when we catch girls they land on our boobs about 20 times too. and it feels like getting punched.

cionna, Community Member
12/27/09 9:01pm

im 13 Im scared too because one of my boobs hurt but that one is probably growing faster then the other one. today my sister punched the one that doesnt hurt and now it hurts both of them so when i walk if they bounce it hurts so i hold them. they are quite little though. (so people say) But is there meat like hard meat inside so if you get punched haha 30 times. if you lift your arm up will it lift?  why dont men have boobs or periods girls have everythingg the blood can come out of their pee whole. and why cant they get pregnant the 2 testicles can be formed or made to open up during the time to have the baby right? nothing is in the testies but meat and stuff right?

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
12/27/09 9:16pm

Hi - At your age it's virtually impossible for you to have breast cancer; and you don't get breast cancer form being punched. Please try to protect your breasts, though; it's not a good idea for your sister or anyone else to punch you there, as scar tissue can develop - which is not only uncomfortable, but can later on in your life cause suspicious mammograms, and expensive diagnostic tests you probably don't need. Bottom line - protect your breasts!


As for the rest of your questions, I'm not sure I understand them. Since this is a breast cancer site, I'd suggest you speak with someone who can help you - an adult you trust. OK? Good luck - PJH

Michelle14, Community Member
2/ 1/11 12:41pm

im 14 years Old and every night i go to bed , During the night my boobs hurt " .

My friend told me that if you lift up your arm and lay down , you can tell if you have breast cancer if you feel a lump in your breast .. well i did that and i did feel a lump under my arm .. Can i possibly have breast cancer?

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
2/ 1/11 5:31pm

Michelle, during puberty breast pain is very common as the breasts grow.  Your friend is only partly right.  Part of doing a breast self-exam is to check for lumps with the arm raised.  However, most lumps are not breast cancer, especially in the teen years when breast cancer is extremely rare and when there are many other non-cancer reasons for lumps.  The lump you are feeling under your arm is probably a lymph node.  Show it to your mom or another adult to get help in knowing if this particular lump needs to be checked out by a doctor.  Also please read our guide to normal breast development for teens for more information that will set your mind at ease.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
6/14/12 10:11pm

Angie, I'm sorry, I deleted your question by accident, so I hope you read this.


Being punched in the breast is NOT a good thing! It won't stop your breasts from growing; but it could cause scar tissue to form, which could cause them to be oddly shaped. Plus they could be injured in other ways. If you're being bullied, TELL AN ADULT. If you feel your parents can't help, tell your school nurse, a teacher, or one of your friends' parents. But you need to stop the physical violence - and stop it now. OK? PJH

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