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Saturday, October 30, 2010 Durango924, Community Member, asks

Q: Red itchy bump under the surface of the skin on my breast. No pain or draining just red & itchy.

For a little over 2 weeks now I've had asmall red, itchy bump just under the surface of the skin on my breast. It is not painful or draining fluid, it is just red and itchy about the size of a pencil eraser. Any Idea what this might be and if I should see my DR. 

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
10/30/10 7:42pm

There are so many possibilities for what might be causing this red spot that I wouldn't want to guess.  This article about some common breast rashes may give you some possibilities, but if it doesn't get better, you'll want to check with a doctor.  If it's been getting progressively worse, go ahead and call on Monday.  If it's been getting better, you could wait and see if it clears up on its own.  If it started out exactly the way it is now and hasn't improved or worsened in two weeks, then you'll just need to decide how much the itch is bothering you to decide how quickly you need the doctor's appointment.

Born, Community Member
8/27/11 9:04pm

I have the same problem with the itchy ,red bump underside of my breast and groin but mine continue to spread to create other red spots which got to be the size of aquarter. When I perspire the itching becomes worse. I tried wshing with antiseptic which helped but did not cure.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
8/27/11 9:48pm

Does this seem to be getting worse? If so, you might want to see a doctor. Since you say it's in your groin, too, it doesn't sound like a breast cancer symptom. But it does sound like a skin issue that might need some treatment. In the meantime, try to keep any area with these red spots cool and dry; wearing loose (preferably cotton) underclothing would be a help. Hope you get some relief from this soon - PJH

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
8/28/11 7:08am
Fungal infections (think athlete's foot, but under your breast) are common at this time of year. They usually affect areas like the groin, breasts, and underarms that are hard to keep dry in the heat. An antifungal powder might help, but a doctor could give you an accurate diagnosis faster, and make sure you got the right medicine to clear this up. I hope it soon gets better. Reply
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