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Saturday, February 13, 2010 Hopeful Lady, Community Member, asks

Q: Additional medication after chemo and radiation treatments.

Had lumpectomy  two months ago.    Have 4 more chemo treatments and then 33 radiation  treatments.   Cancer was triple negative, no lymph nodes  involved,  lump was stage 1, grade 3.   So my questions:


After all the treatments, is it common practice (for this type  cancer)  for the oncologist to prescribe a cancer drug after treatments?  If so, what is commonly prescribed and please say what are their side effects.  Or am I a candidate for drugs after treatments?


Also, at our first meeting with my onc.  she mentioned having another PET scan after the chemo treatments are over but before radiation treatments begins.   Even with insurance, we are still out of pocket a little over $1,500.00 for the first PET scan.  We paid  $301 the day of the scan and then an additional $1,200.00 this month that the  insurance company would  not cover.   So,  have much benefit to me will or could another PET scan do?  The first PET scan showed exactly thing that the mammogram, the ultra sound and the breast MRI did. 


Thank you for your reply.


Thank you for your reply.

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Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
2/14/10 6:48am

Because you are triple negative, there are no medicines that would help you after treatment.

Let your doctor know you are concerned about the cost of the PET scan.  Ask how the information received from it may affect your treatment.  If the doctor will proceed to radiation no matter what the PET shows, maybe you don't need it.  If the doctor would order more chemo if the PET shows remaining cancer, then it may be an essential part of your treatment.  The doctor might also want the PET to make decisions about where to direct the radiation and how much to give you.  But asking can't hurt, and it will let your doctor know that you want to manage costs when making treatment decisions.

Hopeful Lady, Community Member
2/14/10 12:23pm

Thank you for your help and answer.      Most helpful to me.

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