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Saturday, October 25, 2008 sadieo, Community Member, asks

Q: almost feels like a potruding vein..chord like with hard pebble feeling attached and painful

On my left breast i have starting the corner of my armpit to right above the aerola there is a good 4 + inch chord/rope like potruding thing that has hard pebble like knots attached to it..its almost like a piece of yarn that get those tight double knots in really protrudes..and sometimes painful! ive seen my dr. and he said its unusual and hes pretty sure its not a varicose vein, but brushed it off saying i need not worry about it. just keep an eye on it. Anyone experience this, should i insist on further testing other than a clinical exam? stresses me out..what is it!?!?!?

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/25/08 8:34am

Hi - It doesn't sound like a typical cancer symptom, but I don't thiink it should be brushed off, either, especially since it's stressing you. Ask your doctor to be referred to a breast specialist, so you can find out what it is, and if it needs to be treated. No sense worrying and stressing when you can do something to address the situation, right? Good luck - PJH

Laura, Community Member
2/18/09 8:48pm

I am a 1 1/2 yr breast cancer survivor - had DCIS, lumpectomy and 33 treatments of radiation.  About 6 months ago (at the 1 year mark), I got this "chord" that runs from my breast, through my armpit and into my bicep.  It is uncomfortable and at times painful if I reach my arm over my head.  I was told by a PA (physicians assistant) that I ran into on the breast cancer walk that it is called chording.  It is getting worse.  I am going to my surgeon for a follow up visit in a few weeks and hope to get a better answer.

Py, Community Member
3/13/09 11:31pm

How about that? I have the SAME problem and I called the "Witness Project" which assists underinsured African American women with mammograms and breast health.

I have never seen anything like this but it's exactly as you and the other poster described, it is painful and I'm very concerned.

I hope you get an answer soon, if I get one I'll come back and answer.


Best wishes and  powerful prayers - for everyone.

KJAS, Community Member
2/ 9/10 11:49pm

I have what sounds like the same thing in my armpit.  It started with one lump and now it feels like a chord with two lumps on it.  I am having a biopsy tomorrow.  I will post again when I find out what it is.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
2/10/10 5:07am

Hope your results come back negative - best of luck to you. PJH

indianbaby, Community Member
10/19/11 3:40pm

I have the same exact pain in my right breast.  It feels so hard and is very painful..when I went to the doctor he told me that I had a blood clot in my vein on my right breast.. the hardening starts from my fingertips all the way up to my breast..sometimes I cannot move my arm..I am still looking for answers on why this is happening and what causes this

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/19/11 4:01pm

If your primary doctor isn't able to help you - either with a better diagnosis, advice on how to treat it, or at least more information - then you need to advocate for yourself, and get another opinion. Please ask for a referral to a specialist; I'd think a hematologist (a doctor specializing in issues concerning the blood) would be your best bet. Your doctor should be able to provide you with the informaiton you need to find a hematologist, and make an appointment. Good luck - PJH

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