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Monday, November 10, 2008 Shari, Community Member, asks

Q: Breast indentation or dimpling

Approximately two months ago I noticed an indentation (or dimpling, as my doctor refers to it) under my right areola when I raised my arm.  At that time I also noticed that my breasts were asymmetric.  The right breast seemed smaller and seemed to sag more than the left.  I saw my pcp and he referred me to a surgeon.  The surgeon didn't seem too concerned but suggested an MRI because of my dense breast tissue on mammogram.  Insurance wouldn't approve it, so I had an ultrasound instead which came back normal.  My question is, should I be concerned and fight to have the MRI approved, or should I just "wait and see" as my surgeon suggests?  All the information I've seen about dimpling of breast tissue appears to me a malignancy.


Thanks to anyone who can help me with this decision!


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Answers (2)
PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/10/08 4:58pm

Hi Shari - Dimpling isn't necessarily due to cancer, but it can certainly be a symptom. I'd fight for that MRI. I've never been a fan of the "wait and see" approach with anything concerning your breasts. MRIs are particularly suited to women with dense breasts, so it would definitely be a good screening tool for you. See if you can work with your doctor/surgeon to get them to tell the insurance company it's a necessary test, OK? Good luck - PJH

SanSan, Community Member
12/ 1/11 7:22am

Don't wait. Go See. There are some places that will give a free Mammogram according to income guidlines. If you don't qualify in that regard then get a prescription from oyur doctor and find an inexpensive place (everyone charges something different) and put it on a credit card or borrow the money (about $200.00) and make payments. God Bless.

Germana Ganpat, Community Member
12/ 8/11 7:02pm

I don't have insurance and in despreat need of a mammogram any suggestion would be greatfully appreacitate.  Please help i live in Queens, New York.


Thank you.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
12/ 8/11 8:46pm

This shouldn't be a problem. Go to whatever hospital you'd usually access, and speak to the social workers. Ask them if they have a federal or grant-based program that provides reduced-cost or free mammograms to women in your situation; most hospitals do. If they can't help you, please read our post on mammograms for underserved women. There's a link there that'll take you to contact information for New York state that will help you find a facility to get you the mammogram you need. Good luck - PJH

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By Shari, Community Member— Last Modified: 12/08/11, First Published: 11/10/08