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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Jennifer, Community Member, asks

Q: Breast Mass and nothing seen on mammogram or ultrasound

I found a Left Breast Lump in May 2010 being the size of a pea 6 weeks later it had become the size of a small carrot had mammo and ultrasound didnt find anything now small swelling under arm on same side.  I have left shoulder blade pain and fatigue.  My PCP said he did not feel anything the Mammogram tech felt the lump and marked it before the scan.  The ultrasound tech didnt feel anything but she really didnt try to either.  Radiologist suggested a biospy.  I asked on what no one seems to think there is anything there.  He stated just because we dont see it on film doesnt mean it is not there and breast cancer as been present when nothing shows up on film.  He said when someone knows there is something different about them then in most cases it is and no one should make them think it isnt.   I want to know what I should do from here being I as well as others can feel the mass but the dr can not....Should I be more alarmed with the symptoms I am going through and stand ground with the dr about the concern

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
10/13/10 7:41pm

Yes, stand your ground. You know your own breasts; and if you feel a change, and that change lasts longer than a month, then you definitely need to pursue it till you have information about what it is. Ask for a referral to a breast specialist; don't stress when they potentially send you to a cancer center, it's just that's where breast specialists often practice. Good luck to you - hope this turns out to be nothing to worry about (as do the vast majority of breast lumps). PJH

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
10/15/10 6:25am

Jennifer, the radiologist knows the capabilities and limitations of mammograms and ultrasounds better than anyone.  If he is suggesting a biopsy, then it is probably a good idea.  Since this lump has been there since May and is still growing, asking for a referral to a breast surgeon is a good idea.   Cysts often grow rapidly like your lump, so it may well be benign.  However, you need to know for sure.  Good luck to you.

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By Jennifer, Community Member— Last Modified: 12/27/10, First Published: 10/13/10