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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 Laura, Community Member, asks

Q: Is it possible that carrying my cellular phone in my bra could cause me to get Breast Cancer?

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
9/10/08 1:05pm

Laura, that's not a known breast cancer risk. However, would it be possible to carry it elsewhere? I'm not so sure I'd want to be quite so intimate with something that's searching for satellite signals all day! Give some thought to your purse, pants with a pocket, or some other option, maybe? - PJH

kong fo panda, Community Member
9/24/10 1:41pm

Laughingno you can because it is not linking any radashion and it douse make ur hart a lot faster beat than can couse a hart problems

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
9/24/10 1:51pm

While constant use of cell phones has been POSSIBLY linked to brain cancer, there's no evidence linking them to breast cancer - yet. But why take the chance? PJH

Laurie Kingston, Health Guide
9/10/08 1:53pm

Hi Laura,


The jury is still out as to whether long-term, intense cell phone use can lead to brain tumours. Presumably, you are not talking on your phone when it's in your bra (oh, the contortions!) so the risk for cancer causing emissions is probably even lower.

Still, I have to admit that I carry my phone in my bag and not on my person (I am also not a heavy cell phone user) because I just feel more at ease doing so.


And can it really be all that comfortable to carry your cell phone around in your bra?


Take good care-


dagirl8848, Community Member
11/16/09 6:52pm

yes it is comfortable to carry your cell phone in your bra but from what im hearin i dont want to put it back in there.....so ima try and not put my phone in my bra again.....im only 17 aboutto be 18 and i usually put my phone in my bra.....


 I have a question.....If ive been keeping my cell phone in my bra since i was like 13 til now n im 17.....Is it possible that i may get breast cancer?

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/16/09 9:06pm

All of us who are women might get breast cancer. And since researchers don't know what causes it, everything's open to question. The answer to your question is impossible to give; there's currently reseach going on regarding the connection (if any) between cell phone usage and cancer, though not specifically from carrying a phone in your bra. Nevertheless, best to find a new place to store it, OK? Good luck - PJH

Traci, Community Member
4/27/12 7:56pm
I believe it is more than possible - it is probable. At 21 my daughter discovered a lump above her left breast. Because of her age the doctor said it was probably a benign cyst. She went for an ultra sound and an mri and the doctor's still didn't know what it was except for the fact that there were 4 masses. She went for a biopsy which resulted in pathology report of breast cancer. The masses were exactly where she kept her cell phone. What came next was genetic testing- every genetic test u can think of. ALL with negative results which once again brought us to the conclusion that her cell phone caused this cancer. What followed next was a single left mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. For a now 22 year old to have breast cancer like this is very unusual and because it is not genetic - something must have caused it. Please DO NOT store ur cell phone in ur bra or buy products that let u store them in ur bra. Be safe-not sorry!!! I am advocating for my daughter to raise awareness of this danger and to save other young women from having to go through cancer because of these decisions. I hope this helps! Reply
PJ Hamel, Health Guide
4/28/12 5:00am

Traci, thanks for your input here. I hope your daughter is doing well - what an unexpected ordeal, at her age...


No one knows what causes breast cancer. There are certain factors that increase risk - age, family history, obesity, excessive alcohol use - but there's no direct cause/effect for breast cancer that researchers have discovered. Only about 15% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have any family history, and/or carry a mutant gene that increases risk; for the rest of us - it's just plain random.


Did her cell phone cause your daughter's cancer? There's no scientific evidence that this is true. However, researchers are always identifying new factors that can increase risk; maybe someday, we'll all be advised to carry our cell phones off our bodies. In the meantime, each of us should do use our best judgement to do what we can to minimize risk.


Thanks again for posting. PJH

1awesomemom, Community Member
6/12/12 12:46pm

I would like to whole heartedly agree.  I kept my ipod in the left side of my bra for 4 - 6 hours a day for 3 years.  I love music & listened to pod casts on a regular basis.  I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 34 in 2010.  I dont have a family history & I was tested for the gene - negative.  Here's the real kicker...my tumor was EXACTLY where I kept my ipod & the tumor itself was horizontally positioned on my upper left breast right where I slipped it in my bra day after day!  The tumor was 4 centimeters long & 1/2 wide...When I held my ipod to my chest after diagnosis the ipod covered the legnth of the tumor.  My doctors said the tumor presented itself in the shape of a banana slug.  Google banana slug & imagine an ipod covering it...scary!  I warn all my friends about this risk.  I absolutely KNOW that the ipod caused my breast cancer. 

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
6/12/12 3:29pm
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I am sorry that you were diagnosed with breast cancer at such a young age. Although I am sure there are plenty of people who carry their electronics on their bodies and suffer no harmful effects, your experience suggests that it would be wiser to find a different place for gadgets like phones and Ipods. Reply
rottielover33@hotmail.com, Community Member
9/11/08 1:39pm

Please do  not carry it in your bra. I have no history of Breast Cancer in my family and the left side of my bra is where i use to carry my cell!!! I ended up with stage 4 Breast Cancer on the lef side and had my Chemo and now i have alot of other health issues due to the Chemo. Please get a case to carry it in ok. Noone can decide where i got my Cancer from so.Take Care ok and PLEASE take my advice ok. Love : Pam Kiss

Renoir, Community Member
3/14/10 1:08pm
Hi Reply
Renoir, Community Member
3/14/10 1:14pm
Sorry, newby I have been carrying my iPhone in my bra now for about a year. Seems like such a useful compartment as I wear a padded style bra and as I get older fill less of it in. :-( I looked the topic up as it is something I wonder about being safe. Thanks for your plea as I may consider another locale. My mother had an aunt who had breast cancer and a sister with colon cancer but they are the only ones I know of in the family. Thankyou Renee Reply
rottielover33@hotmail.com, Community Member
3/15/10 1:38am

You are so so welcome!!! I just had the other breast removed not due to having the cellphone there lol but they found more cysts so i was not going to take the chance. Yes PLEASE find somewhere else to carry it. I am glad i could help you a bit :) Take Care *hugs*

Janice, Community Member
9/14/11 10:59pm

I have carried my cell phone in my bra for @ two years, left side only. last week i had a black spot develope where my cell phone would rest on and it is growing rapidly! i have a appt tomorrow to have it looked at and i pray that it is not related to carring my phone there. i will NEVER carry it in my bra again, its not worth the risk!

CAROL, Community Member
9/13/08 8:39pm

Don't carry your phone in your bra.

As a health care professional, I hear that the phones we use in the hospital, which is like a cell phone, to be alert to brain cancers.  I have heard this on television, articles, etc.


kay, Community Member
9/18/08 8:39am

I don't think you can.

Eva, Community Member
9/18/08 10:29am

not sure if you could or not

steakprincess, Community Member
9/18/08 2:22pm

Wow  I did that all the time.  I am surprised that others do it as well.  I can't wait to hear the answer

tblair, Community Member
9/18/08 2:40pm

Any thing that emits radiation of any kind should be approached with caution by everybody. As a survivor, I can tell you that I would NEVER carry my cell phone in my bra.

victor williams, Community Member
9/18/08 4:54pm

I dont know the answers to the latest research- that is why I am responding to this question from the healthcentral newsletter I just received.

beaun, Community Member
9/18/08 5:12pm

of course not

margie, Community Member
9/19/08 6:39am

i say yes it could happen.

anna, Community Member
11/27/10 5:17pm

I always thought that the answer was NO..until my moms boyfriend got breast cancer.Of course he is a guy, so he doesnt have a bra to carry it in lol..but he always put his phone in his shirt pocket. All his shirts have a pocket on the upper left side..and thats excactly where he got the cancer. He has carried it there since A LONG TIME!! as long as i can remember, and now he has to deal with breast cancer. I would suggest that just in case..u find another place for your cell phone.

PJ Hamel, Health Guide
11/27/10 9:55pm

Anna, there's no proof at this point that carrying your cell phone in your bra might cause breast cancer. But there's some proof that using a cell phone a lot can cause brain cancer. So, put 2 + 2 together, and it seems not that outlandish that a cell could cause breast cancer, too... So I agree, best to stow it elsewhere! PJH

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