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Friday, July 18, 2008 Jenny, Community Member, asks

Q: sharp shooting pain in my right breast??

Im having horrible sharp pain in one central location on the side my right breast. I tried to feel for lumps and thought i felt something but i have had a breast reduction 7 years ago and have a very hard time distinguishing a lump from scar tissue.  I have a doctors appointment next week.  I suppose im just worried because in 3 generations there has been 6 cases of breast cancer on my fathers side.  out of those 6 cases 2 were fatal :(

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PJ Hamel, Health Guide
7/19/08 10:40am

Jenny, with your family history of breast cancer, it's good that you're being cautious. That said, a sharp, shooting pain in the breast isn't a symptom of breast cancer. Could be scar tissue/nerve issues, a hormonal thing, who knows... But I'm glad you have a doctor's appt. next week, because (s)he will be able to tell you what's up, and do whatever tests necessary to reassure you that you don't have breast cancer. Good luck - PJH

vero12, Community Member
6/18/10 2:22am

jenny i been having so random pain on the top of my right breast and i am so scared!! it just came out of no where and now i get it at the randomest times i try to take deep breath but it doesnt help it kinda just makes it worst not only do i get pain on my boob but i also get alot of eart pain and it aches!!! please i need ome advice!




PJ Hamel, Health Guide
6/18/10 6:19am

This doesn't sound like a breast cancer symptom, but it does sound painful! My advice is, go to a doctor and have it checcked out - no sense suffering and wondering when the simple action of seeing a doctor can get your problem solved. Good luck - PJH

Jenn, Community Member
1/ 2/10 5:17pm

I have been having shooting pain in my right nipple area and Im not sure what it can be? I had just visited my Gyno recently and she did not feel any lumps in my breast, but I ocasionally get a sharp pain in my right breast behind nipple area, can this be cancer??

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide
1/ 2/10 6:58pm

Jenn, your use of the word "occasional" suggests that this is not a problem you need worry about.  Breasts change over the course of a menstrual cycle and can be more tender at certain times of the month.  This article on breast pain can help you assess your pain and decide if you need to go back to the doctor for further diagnosis.  Most breast cancer is not painful, and in those rare instances when pain is a breast cancer symptom it is more constant than what you are describing.

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