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Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor

Promising Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

If you follow cancer research, you almost certainly are frequently frustrated by splashy reports about the latest breakthroughs that turn out to be tiny advances in petri dishes in a lab.  From the lab to your doctor’s office, finding a new treatment is usually a process at least a decade long.  This August I have read several... Read moreChevron

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newstart09, Community Member





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Laura Zigman

Laura Zigman, Health Guide

Author of Piece of Work

"You Should Apologize For Saying You Had Cancer (Because The NYTs Says It Probably Wasn't Cancer)"


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Debz, Community Member


MRI biopsy

Okay.. so I am seeing a new Dr.  She recomends an MRI as a "reference" point to start with as my breasts are still very dense at my age, (49 3/4).  So I have that done last week, meds to stay in machine, IV for contrast... done over with.. WHEW!  wont have to do that again for another year.   WAIT.. not so fast... There... Read moreChevron

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