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Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor

Stage IV Needs More: Life with Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference

I attended the 8th National Conference on Life with Metastatic Breast Cancer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, September 20-21, 2014.  This sounds like it could have been a depressing topic.  In too many minds, Stage IV cancer equals death.  But the opening meeting quickly focused on “realistic hope.”  Shirley... Read moreChevron

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PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel, Health Guide

Author, breast cancer survivor

It’s Not All About Weight: Exercise for Strength and Endurance

You sweat your way through a step workout, then lift weights. You dutifully walk a brisk 3 miles – and the needle on the scale hasn’t budged! You know what? That’s OK. And here’s why.


From a very young age right on up into our Golden Years, many of us keep a sharp eye on the bathroom... Read moreChevron

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Laura Zigman

Laura Zigman, Health Guide

Author of Piece of Work

"You Should Apologize For Saying You Had Cancer (Because The NYTs Says It Probably Wasn't Cancer)"


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Debz, Community Member


MRI biopsy

Okay.. so I am seeing a new Dr.  She recomends an MRI as a "reference" point to start with as my breasts are still very dense at my age, (49 3/4).  So I have that done last week, meds to stay in machine, IV for contrast... done over with.. WHEW!  wont have to do that again for another year.   WAIT.. not so fast... There... Read moreChevron