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PJ Hamel

PJ Hamel, Health Guide

Author, breast cancer survivor

How to Beat Exercise Block: 5 Tips for Boomers

Exercise. Exercise. EXERCISE. It’s all you hear these days, isn’t it? But as we get older – and seem to lose energy as quickly as we gain weight – exercise becomes more a guilt-inducing word than part of a healthy lifestyle. Here are five tips for getting past the “I hate exercise” barrier.   Do you like... Read moreChevron
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Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis Johnson, Health Guide

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Health for the Woman Over 70

Have you heard the joke about the old woman with the droopy breasts?  If you haven’t, you will.  The cartoons and jokes making the rounds on the senior circuit about sagging breasts compete with jokes about forgetfulness and bad hearing.   Women who live long enough will find that their breasts sag.  For women over... Read moreChevron
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newstart09, Community Member



Hello,   I wanted to encourage every person who has dealt with any form of cancer, or who has a family member who is, or is dealing with cancer; not to give up the fight! I will be celebrating 3 years of being cancer free this month. Take care of yourself! If something just doesn't feel or seem right get checked out, and if you have to get... Read moreChevron
Laura Zigman

Laura Zigman, Health Guide

Author of Piece of Work

"You Should Apologize For Saying You Had Cancer (Because The NYTs Says It Probably Wasn't Cancer)"

  There was a piece recently in the New York Times about cancer. This, in and of itself, isn't unusual, since there are many pieces in the New York Times about cancer. What was unusual was what the piece suggested: Cancer should be renamed. Some cancers aren't really cancer, even though they're still called... Read moreChevron

Debz, Community Member


MRI biopsy

Okay.. so I am seeing a new Dr.  She recomends an MRI as a "reference" point to start with as my breasts are still very dense at my age, (49 3/4).  So I have that done last week, meds to stay in machine, IV for contrast... done over with.. WHEW!  wont have to do that again for another year.   WAIT.. not so fast... There is... Read moreChevron

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