Saturday, April 30, 2016
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heather_jd, Community Member


i'm scared!!

my name is heather jensen and my nipple hurts and it leaks clear fluid and today it had white stuff coming out of it like when you pop a zit. It's very painful and i also have a lump on the side of my nipple if anyone could give me some pointers i could use them. i have been to the doctor and will not do a mamagram because i am only 26 yrs old... Read moreChevron


msdee, Community Member


I am horrified.

I am 31 years old and I found a lump in my armpit (1 single lump), close to the chest wall however appears to be where a crease is, it is hard to explain.

 One year ago I was having discomfort in that same arm and armpit went to a breast surgeon she said it was mastaglia.  So last week I went back to dr when I found this lump... Read moreChevron


SDgirl, Community Member


bleeding nipple

Hi -


I'm 46 years old.  About 3 weeks ago I noticed I had blood drops on my bra and my shirt.  I wondered when this might have happened because I had felt absolutely no pain.  I didn't think about it much until a few minutes ago when I removed my bra and there again was more blood.  This time it was... Read moreChevron


concernedgirl, Community Member


Fibroid in Breast

Hello there


I have a fibroid in my breast for about a year now.  I am concerned if it could develop cancerous cells within it.  I am concerned as I have been exposed to a lot of Estrogen since I have been doing quite a lot of IVF Fertility treatment.  Infact I found this lump straight afer a Frozen IVF... Read moreChevron


tbarnes, Community Member

Wife and mommy of 3

lump in breast 29 years old

Im a 29 year old mother of 3. I found a lump in my breast just below my nipple about a year ago. It was the size of a bb. I thought nothing of it becuase of my age. It would get smaller then bigger then about 4 months ago I decided I would have it looked at becuase it was slowly getting bigger but not shrinking again so i went to the doc and... Read moreChevron