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Check a Breast Cancer Symptom

Learn how to actively maintain and monitor your breast health. Understand the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Use our tools to help decide if it’s time to call the doctor. Take a symptoms quiz (top right) to review what you've learned -- or to assess what you should know about breast cancer symptoms.

Start Here:

  • Nipple Retraction
    From breast lumps to nipple retraction, read about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.
  • Breast Lump Image Gallery: Is This Normal?
    What does a "normal" breast look like? Should you be concerned about an abnormal breast lump? What does it look like? Review what signs to look for and when a trip to the doctor is in order.
  • Breast Lump FAQs
    A breast lump that feels different than usual may be a cue to call the doctor. Learn more about breast lumps and when to seek professional help.
  • Breast Cancer Symptoms
    What If It's Not a Breast Lump?: Illustrated Symptom FAQs
    Breast cancer doesn't always start as a suspicious lump. Others symptoms may include itchiness near the nipple, dimpled breast skin, an armpit lump, or a swelling, hot sensation in the breast. 

Take This Symptoms Quiz:

  • Do You Know Your Breast Cancer Symptoms?
    Have you ever felt a lump in your breast and wondered, "Should I worry?" Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer is an important part of your self-care as a woman. Take this quiz to see how knowledgeable you are about breast cancer symptoms.

What If My Breasts or Nipples Itch?

Make Sense of Breast Lumps:

Breast Cancer Symptom Checker

symptoms of breast cancer
Use this tool to check symptoms of breast cancer. Click on the affected body part or select "Chest and back" from the list.
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Get Advice From a Survivor:

Trying to make sense of symptoms? Get help from a survivor. Start with this video.

Beyond Breast Cancer Symptoms:

  • pathology report
    Just Diagnosed? Make Sense of Your Pathology Report
    Get advice from a medical oncologist and survivor on how to use this key document.
  • Meet PJ Hamel
    Cracking the Code: Breast Cancer Vocabulary
    Read PJ Hamel's guide to breast cancer’s confusing vocabulary. Know the lingo before your first appointment.
  • Mammogram
    Mammogram Basics
    Prepare for a mammogram, the first step in diagnosis. Also learn about other detection tools, such as digital mammography and breast MRI.
  • Needle Biopsy
    Breast Biopsy
    After a mammogram, a definitive diagnosis of breast cancer can be made only by a biopsy, a microscopic examination of a tissue from the suspicious area.