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Chemo Style: A Cancer Community Photo Essay

What does it mean to be confident during and after chemotherapy? Are you proud to be bald and beautiful? Does a wig, scarf or hat make sense for you and your style? We'd also love to see your new hair, as it grows back in. Share your favorite photos or view photos that our community has posted.

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We're In This Together

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Chemo picture

More Photos from Women Like You

  • Jacki Chemo Style
    Jacki: My favorite cover-up
    This is what covered by bald head for many months, a curly blond wig with a hat. My shiny scalp saw the light of day only in the privacy of my own home.
  • Kaye Chemo Style
    Kaye: A Positive Attitude Helps!
    Like most of us, I had 4 A/C and 4 taxol treatments.  I had to stop Neulasta during Taxol because the bone pain was more than I could take.
  • Chemo Style Bea's Hat
    Bea's Special Hat
    This is Adel's mom and dad on Christmas day 2006. They have 6 kids 3 boys 3 girls... We all love you hats off to you both.
  • Chemo Style Traci
    Traci: On the Beach with Cameron
    It's three months after my last chemo treatment. Cameron is two, and we are at our favorite place -- the beach!!
  • Jana Rosenblatt Cancer Chemo
    Jana: Chemo Style, Chemo Chicks
    From the moment I knew I was going to need chemo, I knew that I wanted to tattoo my head.

My Mom, My Inspiration

Bald is Beautiful

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Chemo Photo

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Adriene's Initial Shock Turns into Bravado

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Adriene Hughes - chemo style

PJ Hamel: Before, During, After

  • Chemo Style PJ Before
    As you can see, pre-chemo, my hair was pretty straight, and kind of a chestnut brown.
  • Chemo Style PJ Santa
    During Chemo
    During chemo - well, it was Christmas, so I wore my Santa hat a lot (and oxygen tubes, since I also had pneumonia as a result of the chemo!)
  • Chemo Style PJ post
    The next Christmas, following chemo, my new hairstyle. Curly, darker, and a lovely reminder that there IS a silver lining in the cancer cloud.

Hi! I'm Natalia, and I'm 26

Chemo for Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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Natalia, Stage 4 breast cancer

Chemo Style: How to Post Your Photos

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AC Chemo

No Photos, Please...

  • Beth: My Chemo Style -- My Skin Was Pale Green
    What I looked like during chemotherapy? I have no photos of that time, and for good reason. I looked scary and felt terrible. I hid in my house most of the time. My skin was pale green.
  • Kelly: My Chemo Style
    I have been writing a blog for Breast Cancer Care UK since I was diagnosed in May last year and whilst I have tried to stay positive, my smiles were sorely tested by my chemotherapy treatment and I have no photos from that time as I hated how I looked and wanted no reminder of it.