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Meet Tom Brown, Breast Cancer Husband

Author of Men Bleed Too, the Story of Barbara Brown's Battle with Breast Cancer

Tom was born and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas. In 1992 Tom’s first wife, Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer. After fighting the disease for nearly two years, Barbara died after a long and courageous struggle.

In 1994 Tom met a wonderful woman in Carlisle, PA who also had just lost her spouse to death. Tom and Connie were married on September 30, 1995 and began a new life.

Tom and Connie’s extended family includes three married sons and five grandchildren. Tom retired in the grade of Colonel from the United States Army in 1996. After retirement from the service, he and his wife Connie remained in Leavenworth, where they now reside.

Tom began work on Men Bleed Too as a journal capturing the events that took place during Barbara’s battle with cancer. With Connie’s encouragement he decided to turn the journal into a book. Men Bleed Too is a heart touching story that will affect many lives. Tom is the author of numerous articles published by the U.S. Army. Tom has already started his second book titled She Taught Me to Laugh Again. In this book Tom relates the story of how he and Connie met, helped each other through the grieving process and moved forward with their lives.

In addition to writing, Tom also works as a consultant for the U.S. Army in computer simulations. Tom is the co-owner of MarCon, LLC a properties management business in Leavenworth. After thirteen years of putting up with ice and snow, Tom and Connie retired to The Villages, Florida in March 2007.

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