Pea Sized Lump Under Armpit

A lump in the arm pit is the enlargement of a lymph node under the arm. Generally lymph nodes are very small, but they are located throughout the body, being crucial to the immune system. Lumps in the lymph nodes can be caused by infections, cysts, or even irritation from certain deodorants. Anything can cause a lump, so it’s important to understand the root of the cause before making and snap judgments.

Sometimes, lumps in the armpit can be related to breast cancer. This is because the breast tissue sometimes is connected to the armpit region, meaning that a lump in the armpit area is really a breast cancer lump. Swollen lumps in the armpit could also mean that lymph nodes elsewhere, but close by, are infected. Considering how close the armpit is to the breast, it could be that lymph nodes in the breast have cancerous cells.

Lumps in the armpit should be watched with caution, like any other lumps in the body. If it starts off as a pea sized lump, but continually grows or becomes more and more painful, it could be an indication of a serious disease within the body. Medical intervention is important because it’s impossible to tell what was the original cause.

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Alternative Names

Lump in the armpit; Localized lymphadenopathy - armpit; Axillary lymphadenopathy; Axillary lymph enlargement; Lymph nodes enlargement - axillary; Axillary abscess



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