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Keri Haberstroh's Metastatic Breast Cancer Story, Chapter 5: The Radiation Treatment Plan

A reality-based comic strip chronicles the life of Keri and Doug Haberstroh, young newlyweds fighting breast cancer. Keri was first diagnosed with breast cancer (invasive / infiltrating ductal carcinoma) at age 25. Now 26, Keri has learned that her cancer is Stage 4, or metastatic, having spread to her sacrum (tail bone). Fourteen radiation treatments are what's next for Keri. 

Meet Doug Haberstroh

Why I Am Telling Keri's Story

Keri Haberstroh wedding
My name is Doug, and I am a breast cancer husband. I'm here to share the story of the love of my life. It was Keri's dream that her thoughts, ideas, and love be shared publicly, so others could learn from her experience.
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Radiation for Stage 4 Breast Cancer

How We're Telling Keri's Story

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    See the Entire Story Told in Comic Strip Form
    The comic strip captions are excerpts from emails Keri and Doug sent to loved ones during Keri's treatment. Doug is re-publishing those emails in his blog. Together, the comics and Doug's SharePosts tell Keri's story - from start to finish.

Keri's Breast Cancer Comics

Episode 12: The Cancer Has Spread

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Keri Cancer Sacrum

Metastatic Breast Cancer Comics

The Next Chapter: More Pain

After 14 Rounds of Radiation 

After radiation for stage 4 cancer
The pain that started in Keri's lower back has now spread to her legs. Her doctors are concerned that the radiation did not fully kill the cancer in her sacrum. It's back to chemo.
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