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Breast Reconstruction FAQs: Body Tissue Reconstruction

Learn more about body tissue, or autologous, breast reconstruction. View Breast Cancer Comics explaining what to expect from TRAM flap and LAT flap breast reconstruction procedures. 

By PJ Hamel

With Breast Cancer Comics by Dash Shaw 

Published Thursday, May 31, 2007 

Intro to Body Tissue Breast Reconstruction

LAT flap, TRAM flap... Read on to view more Breast Cancer Comics on breast reconstruction!

Q. I’ve decided to have breast reconstruction after my mastectomy, and I’d like to do one of those reconstructions where they use your own body tissue, rather than have a silicone or saline breast implant. Since the surgeon will be using my body tissue for reconstruction, will my new breast be just like my original one?

A. Autologous (or body tissue) reconstruction uses your own body – muscle, fat, and skin – to build a new breast where your original breast once lived. Your new breast will have a more natural look and feel than it would with an implant.

Although it is made of your own tissue, the reconstructed breast will never have the sensation of your original breast–some of the nerves are cut, and your new breast may tingle and/or feel numb; you’ll also totally lose any erogenous zones. But it’ll pretty much “hang” like your old breast, feel breast-like to the touch, and look much like your original breast, if all goes well.

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