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Breast Reconstruction FAQs: What Are My Choices After Mastectomy?

Expert Patient PJ Hamel discusses the pros and cons of breast reconstruction and prosthesis options. Preview our breast cancer comics, and keep reading to view the full-sized version!  

By PJ Hamel

With Breast Cancer Comics by Dash Shaw

Published Tuesday, May 29, 2007 


Reconstruction choices

Q. I’m having a mastectomy, and I don’t really want to just leave it at that. But I also don’t want to fuss around with something I’d have to stuff in my bra. What are my options?

A. There are a surprising number of options these days for women who want a new breast that looks similar to the one they used to have; breast reconstruction is the term doctors give to any procedure that builds a new breast inside your body, then covers it with your own skin. Reconstruction is the way to go if you don’t care to line your bra with a prosthesis (breast form), and you want your body to look as natural and symmetrical as possible, even without clothes.

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