Five Pounds Down and 35 to Go!

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  • Week one - I lost five pounds. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! That means that I also slightly decreased my BMI rate as well. My BMI is now at 27.4 (a little closer to my goal of 25 and a little further away from the obesity marker at 30). That's good news. But really, I am not going to break out in a major celebration just yet.  I think that I have so much weight to lose that these first five pounds were ready to roll off of me when I just starting doing something about it. Honestly, I don't look any different and my clothes are not fitting any differently yet. I know I have a long way to go.  Still, it's a start.

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    Though I really didn't do too much to lose these first five pounds, I did start to pay attention to what I was eating.  I started with Jillian Michael's advice of eliminating a bunch of unhealthy foods that I normally eat. To start with, for me that meant even getting rid of the Sweet N Low. I went back to real sugar. I can't remember the last time I used real sugar in my coffee!  But it is suppose to be better for the body than the artificial sweeteners which confuse your body into thinking there are no calories in the sweets you're eating and therefore you eat more sweets in the end.


    Next, I was trying not to eat anything with hydrogenated fats that is in a lot of cakes, cookies, chips, etc. to extend their shelf life and keep them "fresh" longer.   Did you get that? They extend the shelf life and keep them fresh longer.  That doesn't add up - how can something that sits out on the store shelf longer, still be fresh?! So out with the chips - they're not as appealing anymore -- and in with homemade --- as much as possible. I actually made oatmeal cookies. It's been a long time. And, I'll say they were really good (gone in about an hour - though I had some help!)


    Then there's the refined grains. I know I'm supposed to look for 100% whole wheat or bran, etc. But now I realize why. Once the grains are refined, all the bran and germ and most of the fiber, vitamins and minerals are stripped from them. In other words, all the good stuff. Then vitamins are added back in and they are labeled "enriched." That includes all the white bread, rice pasta, and flour tortillas. I think the pasta will be most difficult for my family - but not for me, I don't eat much of it.


    One surprise food that I am changing is fruit. I thought all and any fruit is good for you. But according to Jillian, tropical fruits are high in sugar and should only be eaten on a limited basis (she says one a day is ok). That includes pineapple (my absolute favorite!), bananas (who knew?) and mangoes. Also, dried fruit --- which I thought would be a good snack food - is more like other processed foods because of the preservatives added. And canned fruit, even in its natural juice, is higher in sugar than the natural piece of fruit right off the tree (that one I knew).


    And finally, I'm trying to cut out anything that says HFCS or high fructose corn syrup. Bottom line, it increases fat-storing hormones and that's the last thing I need!


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    So that's what I eliminated. And for the other side of the equation I added breakfast and snacks. I made it a point to have breakfast everyday --- not just when I had time for it. Oatmeal, an egg, vegetable juice, topped the list this week. I realize it's a good way to get my metabolism started early in the day so hopefully it'll keep working the entire day. And to keep it going, I had healthy snacks throughout the day instead of waiting til I was hungry and then eat a full-fledged meal. Almonds, fruit --- I even made a cucumber yogurt dip that goes with anything and is really delicious!


    All in all, not a bad start. Once I started paying attention to what I was eating it really wasn't that hard.  Notice I didn't say anything about the exercise I did this week. That's because I didn't start any real exercise yet. I could kick myself for that! But I've started. It may be slow start, but next week I'll pick up the pace!


Published On: January 29, 2010