Becoming Friends With ... Your Scale

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  • The scale is my friend..... the scale is my friend......the scale is my friend. I have to keep telling myself that.


    According to the dictionary, a friend is "a person who gives assistance; a patron; a supporter." I'd add to that definition by saying that a friend tells you the truth - even if he/she needs to be brutally honest - no matter what; a friend stands by you through thick and thin; a friend gives it to you straight, lays it on the line, doesn't make excuses and doesn't try to sugar coat the reality of a situation.  I'd say all of these descriptions, in the past several weeks, describe my scale. It has become my newfound friend as I try to lose weight; a guide steering me to stay the course.

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    My sister is the one who actually offered the advice at the start of our weight loss effort to "consider the scale your friend." She told me not to be afraid of stepping on it everyday and heeding the signs it sends out. So, during the last few weeks, I've looked to the scale as my guide, inspiring me to keep up my efforts, as difficult as they might be when I see the number drop and motivating me to work harder that day if I slipped up and registered a higher number than the day before.


    So, in essence, my course is laid out for me for the day as soon as I set foot on the scale.  Yes, it can feel so cold sometimes in the darkness of the early morning hours when I roll out of bed and try to sneak onto it before putting a morsel of food in my mouth hoping it won't notice the cream-laden meal I indulged in the night before.  Or it can feel like a welcoming friend giving me the good news that my conscientious food selections paid off.


    I was actually lost for awhile, without guidance, when my old scale was thrown away during a spring cleaning session last year (I guess, from the looks of me, no one thought I was actually using it!). So, at the start of this year's resolution to lose weight, I replaced my "old friend" with a "new friend" - one with digital precision that monitors every ounce I lose or gain. One that is brutally honest.


    Lately, I'll admit, I haven't been of fond of my new-found friend. We had gotten off to a good, friendly start as she revealed declining numbers day by day, pound by pound.  But now it seems we've come to a stalemate at this early stage of our friendship and she doesn't seem to want to budge. I realize, though, it must be my approach. I need to shift gears and try a new strategy. I need to do something to show that I am serious about this "friendship" - serious about my effort to lose weight. I need to start moving! I need to have something to show for myself if I am going convince my friend that I have changed.


    My inspiration for approaching my scale at the beginning of the week - again, coming from my sister - is that when I step up on Monday and see the number register I think  - if I stay the course - that should be the biggest number I will see that week. I need to keep that number in my head all week and strive to lower it, day by day, bite by bite, workout by workout. And hopefully my "friend" will support my efforts and show me a sign of encouragement - a  reason to keep going, keep moving, keep making good food choices.


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    I just have to remember..... the scale is my friend....the scale is my friend....the scale is my friend (and yours, too!).

Published On: February 04, 2010