15 Exercise You Can Do TODAY

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  • I am a bit disappointed that, while I had such great motivation at the beginning of the year to really get in shape, I've left two months slip by without really doing much aerobic exercise at all --- the kind that really helps burn the calories and take off the weight. For me, lame as it may sound, it's still too cold outside for me to run/jog/power walk (I hate those people who can do it in this cold weather!!).


    So I found some things that I can do at least to get started. They don't cost a thing, you don't have to join a gym or buy expensive workout equipment. Just use things in your own home.

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    1. Park far away and walk into the building (yes, everyone says to do this, but its true every step counts!)

    2. Walk vigorously - make every step count (no matter where you are walking, even if it is just to your car in the parking lot or into a store, make each step a long deliberate stride so that you feel it through your legs and buttock -- it feels good!)

    3. Leg lifts in front of the kitchen sink (you can get 25 lifts in on each side in just a few minutes after you wash the dishes and the counter works as a good exercise bar)

    4. Leg lifts under your desk at work (if you work in a cubicle or any desk that is fully covered it is easy to just lift your leg up to touch your knee to the desk top while you are sitting doing your work. Do several reps of 20 lifts on each leg. No one will ever notice!)

    5. Leg lifts at a high chair or stool (if you are sitting at a high table/chair set - from which your legs can dangle - do leg lifts under the table. You'll feel your thigh muscles working. Again, do several reps of 20 lifts for each leg.)

    6. Walk up and down the stairs (when you are going up the stairs, make an extra run at it; go back down and walk up again)

    7. Walk up the steps at work (I was working on the sixth floor and at lunchtime or just to take a morning or afternoon break, I walk up and down all six flights. At first it wasn't so easy, now I can do it several times a day!)

    8. "Vertical Push ups" against a wall (any flat wall works, just stand at arms length from the wall, put your feet together and pull/push yourself into and from the wall - it's not as hard as regular pushups but it still helps)

    9. Squats (you can do this next to any table, just keep your back straight and bend your knees down - do them in sets of 10 - you can NEVER do too many squats, if you know what I mean!)

    10. Walk UP the escalator stairs (don't just sit back enjoying the ride, take advantage of an opportunity)

    11. 12. and 13.  Arm lifts (pick up any two pound item in your kitchen and use it as a weight - a two pound bag of sugar or a two pound can of anything - do curls, arms lifts up from your side, and lifts from your shoulder above your head. It'll help build muscle!)

    14. Bends (side to side, hands on hips, just bend like the little tea cup from one side to the other, 20 reps, you'll find - and feel - you hips!)

    15. Jumping Jacks  That's right! I'm taking you all the way back to your childhood - I guess our moms really did know a thing or two. These are one of the simplest, "full-body" workouts you can do. Get going. When you do them right you'll work your legs, thighs, arms, hips, torso, and even get in a little aerobic if you do it long enough)


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    I've started doing these, and though they may not be complete weight lose exercises, they do start to TONE the body. I've already noticed a difference and that little difference, increasing a bit each day, is enough to get me ready to gear up for the real aerobic exercise --- once the snow melts!



Published On: March 01, 2010