You Say Potato, I Say Body Fat

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  • I just saw the Jenny Craig commercial with Valerie Bertinelli carrying around 40 pounds of potatoes ....... and I realized, that's me! That's the 40 pounds that I am trying to lose!


    Watching her lugging that huge sack of potatoes and then dropping it to the side I'm thinking, That can't really be what I am carrying around on my body, can it? Do you know how many potatoes that is? There are about 35 potatoes in a 10lb bag of russet potatoes (and they are a pretty good size). Multiply that by 4 --- that means I am carrying around 140 potatoes!!!


    Another way to look at it --- that I had heard before --- is to think about your weight in terms of pounds of butter. Imagine a pound of butter in four quarter sticks. If I want to lose 40 pounds that would be equal to 40 pounds of butter --- or 160 quarter sticks of butter! Imagine that piled up! I just can't believe that I have that much excess weight on my body to shed!

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    I've really tried to get as realistic as possible about my weight loss goal. I am getting on the scale everyday and using it as a guide to my day, each day, every day, one day at a time. It's seems to be helping me set my frame of mind for the day.


    In addition to that, I am now making myself look into a FULL LENGTH mirror everyday --- while I am in my undies. (I don't know which is harder, facing the scale or the full-length mirror?!) I think it was very misleading when I was getting dressed and I was only seeing myself in one of the bathroom mirrors that only show me from the torso up. Sure I look ok in that mirror.  After all, my face and shoulders don't show that much extra weight. But when I face the full length mirror, I cannot deny where my problems lay --- as if I didn't know. There is no denying the extra weight from my hips down through to the tops of my knees (my troubled zone.) Isn't this every woman's troubled zone?!


    So, according to the number I see on the scale, the appropriately healthy weight for my height and age, and taking into account where I personally want to be, I determined that I needed to lose 40 pounds. But I must say, even when looking in the mirror, and seeing where I need to tone up and lose weight, I still cannot wrap my brain around the thought that I am carrying around 140 potatoes or 160 sticks of butter! That's a lot of potatoes and butter! And looking at myself I just can't SEE where all those 140 potatoes are stored. Sure, I can definitely see where 40 potatoes or so would fit - maybe 5 or 6 in each thigh, 6-8 in the buttocks, 6 or so wrapping around my waist, maybe 8 in my stomach area; I"ll even add 2 for each arm even though I think I am pretty toned there. But at the most that seems to be around 48 or so potatoes. So how could I be carrying 140!


    I guess it really doesn't matter. In the end a pound is a pound is a pound - whether it is a potato, a stick of butter or a pound of body fat!  The scale doesn't lie.


    Watching Valarie Bertinelli drop all those potatoes to the side I can only imagine how light and energetic I am going to feel when I drop them as well!

Published On: March 03, 2010