Why Exercise is Critical to Weight Loss

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  • It is what it is. That's all there is to it. And I guess it is finally time I admit it and just get on with the program. After all this time of thinking my will power, my determination, my commitment were really going to make a difference and help me make a significant weight change this year, it really all boils down to one thing - exercise.


    I am finally convinced of that. Though it is clearly not the same as when I was in my 20s, or even 30s, now that I am in my 40s the need for exercise plays a critical role in weight reduction. You simple cannot have one without the other!


    So, four and a half months into this journey of really making a great effort to get into shape and doing it the right way,  I have found that it all points to one thing - the amount of exercise you do compared to how many calories you take in.

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    Of course I knew to that some extent when I started this - everyone knows you need to reduce the amount of food you eat and increase the calories you burn off in order to lose weight - but now, all the evidence points to having to work somewhat harder when you are older. I didn't seem to be that hard when I was in college, and even after, during the early years of marriage; I'd just go for a run around the track a few times or jump on the bike, either way in a relatively short period of time I was back in shape.


    Now it is a tremendous struggle. When I started this weight lose attempt at the beginning of the year I set my goal to lose 40 pounds - that is what I truly feel I need to lose in order to get back to a healthy weight. So, 40 pounds in 12 months, that's 20 pounds in 6 months or a little less than 4 pounds per month --- that shouldn't be too hard to do. That's what I thought! ONLY 4 POUNDS PER MONTH and I haven't even been able to do that!!! So far the most I lost was 10 pounds altogether, but then put it back on. I keep generally losing and regaining the same 7 pounds!


    Since the beginning of the year, I am more conscientious of what I eat - I do not eat chips and dip etc - I watch portion size and I am eating healthier food: nuts to snack on, fish more frequently, fresh fruit, less cheese. And I am eating breakfast every day.


    But I have got to admit that, though I have gone out to powerwalk a few times (too cold, it was winter) and I am more conscientious of doing the little bit extra like walking up the 120-step escalator instead of riding it, or parking further away and taking bigger strides (I really did those things!) I was not fooling anyone because that certainly wasn't enough!


    All the evidence from my effort, as well as the information I've been reading in books and newspaper articles, seems to point to the same thing - I need to get involved in some serious exercise - you know, the kind that actually makes you sweat! - on a regular basis, as well as do all the other things in order to lose the weight and keep it off!!


    So yesterday, I got on my bike and did my "workout" ride - up and down several hills. It's a start. And hopefully it's a new start to a new end!

Published On: April 30, 2010